Our Founder's Story

My Journey to Optimal Health - Unlocking the Power of Ancient Healing Secrets

I used to lead a stressful, fast-paced, and unhealthy lifestyle that severely impacted my health, including digestive issues, bloating, nausea, frequent migraines, recurring rashes, constant lethargy, and a long list of curious allergies.

While I tried recommendations from a wide range of doctors and practitioners in modern medicine, nothing worked! Five years later, I decided to embrace my Malaysian heritage and turn to natural remedies — specifically what our lush rainforests had to offer — which completely changed my life.

In a stroke of good fortune and divine timing, I was blessed to become acquainted with world-class medical scientists, traditional healers, herbalists, and accredited laboratories, including Hameedah Hawae Hamid, Professor Gerard Bodeker, and Dr. Shin Yee Fung. They generously shared valuable research and insights into the tropical healing herbs found in Malaysia’s rainforest, namely Pegaga and Tiger Milk Mushroom.

Pegaga and Tiger Milk Mushroom rank amongst the rarest and most powerful herbs in the world, yet there is a mystifying lack of awareness about them.

Hameedah, a renowned and trusted traditional Malaysian healer, herbalist, and midwife (bidan kampung), closely guards a wealth of traditional rainforest-sourced superfood formulations passed down through a sacred lineage of healers.

I tried her artfully combined formulations and felt an almost immediate transformation! Within 30 days, my gut health drastically improved, my migraines cleared, my rashes vanished, my skin began to glow, and my energy and mental clarity became more vibrant than ever.

This was my epiphany moment.

I knew I needed to find a way to reinvigorate and preserve these hidden health and beauty secrets sitting right “under my nose” that were in imminent danger of being lost forever.

I felt it was my life’s work and the mission ofPurelyB™ to honor these ancient traditions and share their benefits with the world.

PurelyB™ products feature a true combination of the best of ancient Malaysian herbalism and modern science — all re-imagined in a delicious, easy-to-consume way. We sustainably and naturally source all our ingredients. We deliver unmatched quality and testing to produce these ancient proprietary formulations at the highest level of potency and efficacy to preserve their benefits. We are also committed to supporting and creating income opportunities for marginalized communities.

"It is my honor to share these hidden health and beauty secrets with you like never before. I invite you to experience the power and wisdom within our magical rainforests to elevate your overall well-being — mind, body, and soul — as it did mine.

Wishing you health & happiness.

Raja Jesrina Arshad
Founder & CEO

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