We are dedicated to helping you through education, engagement and guidance, improve the health and lives of your valued customers and employees sustainably.

  • Jesrina Arshad

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Inspired by her personal health journey, overcoming long-term health issues and allergies with ancient Malaysian herbal remedies and natural whole foods, Jesrina launched PurelyB to help others lead healthier lifestyles the natural way. With a BSc in Multimedia Technology and Design from the University of Kent and an MA in Marketing from Kingston University Business School in the UK, Jesrina collaborated with leading health experts driven by a shared passion for promoting sustainable healthy living.

    Jesrina's mission is to honor and preserve Malaysia's rich wellness heritage and herbal culture, disseminating their benefits worldwide to enhance the health and well-being of communities. More than just a business endeavor, her mission embodies a commitment to sharing the transformative power of nature's gifts and safeguarding ancient Asian wisdom for future generations.

    Beyond her roles as founder, entrepreneur, and wellness advocate, Jesrina is dedicated to uplifting marginalized women and female founders in Malaysia. In her spare time, she indulges her passion for crafting healthy and delicious gluten-free plant-based recipes - sustainable healthy eating can be fun!

  • Marianne Saw


    Marianne loves to try new remedies, exercises, retreats and jumps at the chance for universe-driven adventures. Having always worked in fast-paced, high stress environments, Marianne has learnt that in order to do her best service, she needs to nourish her mind, body and spirit.

    Marianne is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years working experience, including 12 years at PwC Australia within the Private Clients, Tax and Legal, Audit, Deals and Accounting Advisory functions. Given her depth of experience she has excelled in outsourced FC and CFO and accounting advisory roles for large private corporates (>1bn assets), MNCs and public listed companies.

    Since relocating to Asia, Marianne’s passion has been within the fast-paced start-up landscape, focused on profitable growth, new market expansions, digital transformations, financial management and other strategic business services.

  • Joey Azman

    Business Development

    Joey's passion for sports was ignited during his upbringing in Australia, where he immersed himself in various athletic pursuits for nearly 8 years. 

    Professionally, he's a Chartered Accountant with over 12 years of experience, including 5 years in senior management. His expertise spans Financial Reporting, Taxation, Advisory, and Risk Management across global finance organizations. He's been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia since 2006 and gained international experience with KPMG Malaysia and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Bermuda before joining Shell. Currently, Joey serves as the VP, Head of Business Performance for a major GLC conglomerate in Malaysia. 

    Despite his active lifestyle, he faces challenges with healthy eating but sees PurelyB as an opportunity to inspire younger generations in Asia to embrace balanced diets for optimal performance in sports and life.

    Connect with Joey on LinkedIn, or follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Iman Saleha

    Content Creator

    Iman’s journey is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. Initially starting with A levels in Accounting and Economics, she soon realized her true calling lay in design. This led her to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, where she honed her design skills and discovered a love for content creation.

    Her transition from design to content creation was a natural progression, driven by a fascination with storytelling and visual communication. At PurelyB, Iman creates content that not only informs but also inspires our health-conscious community.

    PurelyB has challenged Iman to embrace content creation full-time and inspired her to lead a more holistic lifestyle. When she’s not crafting engaging content, she enjoys travelling to new places, exploring charming towns, and finding inspiration from her surroundings.

  • Rebecca Chong

    Social Media & Marketing Specialist

    Rebecca holds a dual (Hons) Degree in Communication and Public Relations. With a solid background in the logistics industry, she began her career in copywriting and quickly expanded to managing marketing channels and campaigns. As our Social Media & Marketing Specialist, Rebecca is responsible for social media management, crafting and executing marketing campaigns, collaborating with influencers, and organising events. Her expertise in these areas ensures our brand remains dynamic and engaging across all platforms.

  • Aishah Hasrozi

    Finance & Ops

    Aishah is an ACCA member with a true passion for accounting and project management. She embarked on her career as a Auditor with EY and later as a Finance Analyst in the oil and gas industry where she specialised in Inventory and Costing analysis. Her passion for empowering local businesses led her to leave the corporate scene and into a role where she could make a tangible impact. Her involvement in operations project management reflects her commitment to holistic business growth. Fate guided her to PurelyB, a company whose products have transformed her life. She credits PurelyB with enhancing her focus and overall well-being. In her moments of leisure, Aishah enjoys hiking up new trails in the great outdoors, finding solace in the hushed symphony of nature's embrace.

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Our Experts

  • Hameedah Hamid Hawae

    Traditional Herbalist & Bidan

    A Renowned local Traditional Malaysian Healer, Herbalist and Bidan (Village Midwife) with 20+ years in practicing Traditional Malay and Ayuvedic wellness remedies and rituals for healing and preventive care for clients across South-East Asia.

  • Professor Gerard Bodeker

    Chair of GIFTs of Health & Public Health Specialist

    Professor Gerard Bodeker whose doctoral studies were at Harvard, researches and advises on traditional and complementary medicine and wellness. Professor Bodeker has held research and teaching appointments in Medical Sciences at Oxford University for two decades and holds a full professorship in Epidemiology at Columbia University, New York.

    He has been chair of the Commonwealth Working Group on Traditional and Complementary Medicine and worked with a number of United Nations agencies, currently serving as senior advisor to a UN University project on Asian traditions of nutrition. He has worked in Africa for more than two decades, most recently as chair of the intellectual property group of a four-year EU project on medicinal plant research and training.

    Professor Bodeker has written extensively on traditional medicine, is editor-in-chief of the World Health Organization Global Atlas on Traditional and Complementary Medicine and serves on the editorial boards of several journals - including the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.

    He is also a member of the Global Wellness Institute and chairs the GW’s Mental Wellness Initiative, part of a GWI team exploring policy dimensions of wellness, including Asian traditions of wellness.

  • Amanda Teh

    Health & Wellness Director (Naturopath)

    Amanda Teh, a qualified Naturopath, holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Nature Care College, Sydney. She's a Practitioner Member of the National Herbalist Australia Association, Australia Traditional Medicine Society, and Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Council, Australia.

    Amanda's passion lies in herbal medicine, nutrition, flower remedy, and iridology. She advocates for holistic well-being, emphasizing the importance of emotional health alongside physical wellness. Her naturopathic approach prioritizes real, organic, locally sourced foods and natural remedies for common health issues. Inspired by personal loss, Amanda believes in empowering individuals to manage their health, drawing from her experiences to advocate self-care.

    As a mother of two, Amanda manages her health products company and consults part-time. She contributes a fortnightly column on herbal medicine and health foods to Nanyang Siang Pao since 2010 and serves as a guest expert on RTM's Ai FM. Amanda has been featured in various publications and TV segments, including NTV7 and 8TV. 

    Connect with her on www.amandateh.com, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • Dr. Carolyn Goh

    Medical doctor, PhD Bioengineering, Wellness Expert

    Dr. Carolyn Goh holds a Medical Degree (MBBS), a Bachelor’s in Engineering, a Master’s in Bioengineering as well as a PhD in Bioengineering. Dr. Goh is also trained in the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPs) nutritional protocol, Viteras Swiss Detox and Bowen Therapy. Whilst working as a researcher at Imperial College, she ran a successful wellness clinic integrating nutrition, mitochondrial therapy, detox and the Bowen Technique in St. Johns Wood, London.

    She is passionate about natural remedies and empowering others to heal naturally, harnessing the body’s innate healing ability with help from Nature’s apothecary.