How Stephanie Looi Uses Air-Scenting To Create A Stress-free Home Environment

As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two young children, stress is a part of everyday life for PurelyB co-founder, Stephanie Looi. 

So finding fuss-free ways to destress, especially in the comfort of her own home, is her key to keeping healthy. With the ease of air-scenting, she can do just that whilst keeping her family safe and happy at the same time.


Air-scenting with KUSS Essentials

Using sophisticated time-controlled diffuser technology, air-scenting delivers natural aroma blends to indoor spaces keeping them fresh and clean. As leaders in their field in Singapore and now Malaysia, KUSS Essentials makes air-scenting a breeze!

Its advanced nebuliser technology diffuses aromas to less than one micro in size, allowing scents to be distributed evenly through indoor spaces and evaporate without any residue, making it great for homes.

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Whilst many commercial scents are often laden with chemicals, KUSS Essentials’ naturally formulated line of aromas are derived from essential oils and botanical extracts, so safe for families with children. Whether it be the kitchen, bedrooms or communal living spaces, there’s a scent for every room and mood.

Benefits of air scenting

“75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.
Next to sight, it is the most important sense we have.”

Air scenting not only keeps indoor spaces fresh and clean, but also has benefits such as eliminating odours and improving overall mood. Below are a few ways air scenting can improve the health of your home and help keep you stress-free.

  • Helping improve mood – aromas can have a beneficial effect on our mood by helping alleviate stress and further enhancing positive factors like happiness and relaxation.
  • Promoting productivity – along with improved mood, aromas can also act as stimulants to help keep us focused and in turn, boost productivity as we work.
  • Odour relief antibacterial – anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, aromas can help eliminate and provide odour relief—perfect for removing lingering cooking smells and pet odours!

Improve indoor air quality while supporting your well-being with KUSS Essentials. To find out more about head over to their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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