How This Mother Cleared Her Skin Post-Pregnancy & Lost 30kg Naturally

How This Mother Cleared Her Skin Post-Pregnancy & Lost 30kg Naturally


During my first pregnancy, I purchased a maternal care package and was told that the confinement lady would take care of my baby and I, as part of the traditional post-natal service to help me recover from the pregnancy and birth. But, the experience wasn’t very good and I didn’t feel healthy at all! They sent a young, inexperienced masseuse who didn’t give me any advice or ask how I felt during the massage. I went ahead with the treatment as I’d paid for it, but I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t feel healthy and my energy was at an all-time low.

I decided that if I got pregnant again, I would find someone else to help me post-partum. For my second pregnancy, I engaged Kak Ida a trained bidan (midwife) who specialises in helping women recover from pregnancy, labour and birth. She came highly recommended, and is very experienced in traditional Asian herbal healing using local herbs and remedies. Her treatments have helped new mothers lose weight and I had gained 30kg during my pregnancy!

After my first pregnancy, I couldn’t get lower than 73kg, which was 13kg heavier than I was before I got pregnant. During my second pregnancy, Kak Ida recommended I take a traditional Asian herbal blend with Pegaga and explained the benefits. What I appreciated was that Kak Ida advised me not to focus on just losing weight but to heal my body and get healthy again. She emphasised that once I was healthy, the weight would reduce naturally and be easier to maintain. 

Improved Digestion & Energy

During the first week, my digestion improved and going to the toilet was much easier than with my first pregnancy. I took the herbs every morning and night, and within one month I started to feel different — healthier. I’m a makeup artist so I work long hours and need to be energetic and happy around my clients. The herbal blend gave me the energy I needed to juggle everything.

Skin Improvements

I had smooth clear skin pre-pregnancy; but all that changed after my first pregnancy. Breakouts and dull skin were the problems, and after taking Kak Ida’s traditional Asian herbal blend with Pegaga, my skin cleared up. It took a month to see changes, and since then my skin has been smooth. 

Weight Loss

I began to gradually lose weight and this surprised me. When people asked how I was losing weight, I said “Nothing!” I ate as I normally do and the weight came off naturally, and I was soon at my ideal weight of 65kg!

Since then, I’ve recommended Kak Ida and her herbal blend to all my family and friends — even my mum takes it and can feel the difference! Everyone knows traditional herbs and supplements work, but it can be difficult to get them and it takes a longer time to see results, but the outcome is worth it. Which is why I’m excited to see Kak Ida partnering with PurelyB and Professor Dr. Bodeker to make these traditional herbs available to more people. I have no doubt this incredible herbal blend will help achieve good health and heal, as it did for me!


Erin, mother of two, 36

Makeup Artist


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