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be well

  • 6 Ways You Can Be Healthy On-The-Go

    Being healthy is something that comes easily to some, and more difficult for others. What it boils down to is a healthy diet and regular exercise – sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t.

  • How Pegaga (Gotu Kola) Helps Ease Digestive Issues & Supports Gut Health

    Digestion begins the moment food enters our mouth and we begin to chew. Our digestive systems break down and stores all the nutrients we need and secretes what we don’t.

  • Could This Local Herb Be The Next Big Thing In Skincare?

    Centella Asiatica is more commonly known as Pegaga and Gotu Kola in Malaysia. It has been used as a traditional remedy for many ailments and is now being touted as a viable anti-ageing solution.

  • Antibiotics – Are They Doing Your Body More Harm Than Good?

    Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, not viral ones. And yet, they are overly prescribed and thought of as a cure-all. Here are the facts.

  • Ready, Set, Shop! A Fast-Track Guide To Healthy Shopping

    Queuing up at the supermarket checkout lane? Take a minute off your phone screen and observe what the shopping carts of the customers around you are filled with – very interesting observations, to say the least. Join us as we take you on a virtual shopping tour and provide you with the how-tos to shop healthy!