Everleaf — How This Organic Delivery Service Is Bridging The Gap Between Consumers & Producers

Recognising the difficulty of getting pesticide and chemical free foods in Malaysia, Clarence Chin and CK Chia took it upon themselves to provide a solution. Through their online delivery service, Everleaf Eco Solutions, they are connecting consumers directly to producers in Malaysia, making organic produce more accessible, convenient and reliable.

We all know that chemical-laden pesticides not only wreaks havoc on our environment, but in the long run can also take a toll on our bodies. After suffering the loss of their own loved ones to cancer, despite them having lead relatively healthy lives and not being predisposed to chronic illnesses, Clarence and CK were left searching for answers.

After speaking to others and seeing that their situation was not uncommon, they realised the way we eat and the lack of pesticide and chemical free food may be contributing factors to the increasing rates of diseases and declining health.

In 2017, they left their careers in engineering and banking and started Everleaf Eco Solutions, a platform where consumers can order organic produce directly from the farm and have it delivered to them in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas within 48 hours.

Through their platform, customers can order not only organic vegetables and fruits, but also poultry, eggs and artisanal products. All the produce on their platform is certified chemical and pesticide free, with all composting for farms strictly done on-site.

Watch as we visited one of the organic farms whose produce is available on their platform. Learn more about their service and how they are changing the organic produce market in Malaysia for both consumers and producers.


To find out more about Everleaf Eco Solutions, head over to their website, Instagram and Facebook.

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