Train and Detox Your Body and Mind at Urban Spring’s Hot New Studio

A relaxing and rejuvenating escape from the bustle of city life whilst being able tone and train your body is the unique experience attendees leave with when they visit KL’s leading Pilates boutique studio, Urban Spring. With the recent opening of their second studio, Urban Spring is a studio that provides a true wellness experience with its one of a kind Xtend Barre classes, equipment pilates as well as the global celebrity favourite, Hot Pilates.

Recently the PurelyB team and our members had the pleasure of attending two of Urban Spring’s most popular classes at its new studio, also along Bangkung Row. Led by our energetic instructor, Maria, we kicked off the morning with a high-energy cardio session of Xtend Barre after which the heat was turned up as we detoxed our minds and bodies with Hot Pilates. And to fuel and replenish us after our workouts we were rewarded with a vibrant spread of salads by Simply Green Salad, refreshing cold-pressed juices from La Juiceria and pink chia-puddings by Rawsome - what a treat!

A highly sought-after workout throughout the world, Xtend Barre stems from the evolution of barre workouts from ballet and body strengthening stretches from pilates. Using a traditional ballet barre as well as other weight apparatus, the innovative workout is not only is an upbeat of cardio workout but one that also builds strength and tones the muscles (without bulking up). A session alone can burn up to 700 calories per session! 


With a full turnout at Urban Spring’s new sun-lit studio, known as the Central Studio, we rhythmically followed the instructions of Maria and moved through a series of plies and relevés in unison, working up a sweat in no time! It wasn’t long until we felt the ache in our legs, arms and abs but with our focus on the rhythm, we pushed through. By the end of our session, there was a united feeling of fulfilment and we were ready for our next challenge - hot pilates.

As the temperature rose, so did our anticipation! A favourite amongst celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Emma Roberts, Hot Pilates brings the popular workout to a new level as the heat warms up the muscles allowing for a deeper stretch. Not only is this a highly effective detoxification method, it also accelerates the effects of the workout making it a powerful weight loss regime.

With the state of the art studio perfectly heated to 38 degrees and the heat evenly distributed, the Hot Pilates session encompassed a mat-based sequence of exercises that worked on stretching and toning for a strong and sculpted body. Magic circles in hand, Maria guided us as we challenged ourselves to hold leg and core-strengthening positions encouraging muscle control and tested our endurance. The session not only strengthened the body, but truly engaged our minds as well as we exercised our mind-body connection.

Time to Sweat the Stress Away!

Now with 2 studios on Bangkung row, Urban Spring is the place to be to. Work on sculpting your body while giving yourself the ultimate mind-body detox! With the Central Studio offering Xtend Barre Classes and Hot Pilates and their original studio offering both classes with the addition of equipment pilates, Urban Spring is a sanctuary to meet all your wellness needs.

For more details of classes and schedules, head over to their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Bangsar, Urban Spring Central Studio is at 63-1 Jalan Bangkung and the original just further down at 57-1 Jalan Bangkung.

Photos courtesy of Urban Spring