How I Lost 15 Kilos

I lost 3kgs in the 21 days, and that was the motivation I needed to continue! 

As many mums do, I had gained weight during my first pregnancy. And after I delivered my second baby, I decided that I needed to lose the baby weight that I had put on from both pregnancies and was determined to do it. Knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy, I had to put a few commitments in place to ensure that my resolution wouldn’t waver too easily!

The Beginning

I decided to try a new regimen – the 21 Days To A Better Body programme. What I loved about the programme was the Action Plan, where I determined my goal for the next 21 days. My goal was to exercise a minimum of three times a week and to eat clean. This meant no more snacking on bread on the excuse I was breastfeeding, and no skipping the gym because I was too tired. So even if I had a very short night’s sleep, I would go in and do whatever I could. 

In the Action Plan is a mini goals chart where I listed down what I would need to do to get closer to my big goal. Some of the mini goals were to not consume gluten, dairy and soda; walk more and practice mindfulness meditation. I stuck the Action Plan on my fridge so that I would constantly have a view of my goal.

The Challenges

Having my mini goal chart made things a lot easier, plus the fact I was very determined. I also liked that the programme was 21 days, which didn’t make it feel like my goal was an eternity away.

Mindfulness was the most difficult because with a newborn and a toddler you don’t get a lot of time for yourself, so I tried practicing it at bedtime and would end up falling asleep.

Planning and making time for what you need to do are very important in order to succeed. This is especially true when it comes to food. The Tracking Sheets helped me plan my week ahead and stay on track. If you don’t plan what you’re going to eat, you’re going to end up eating the wrong thing, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that planning is key!

Support System

For me, the support I received was essential. I had been struggling with weight and yo-yoing for a long time. I’m an emotional eater, so if I don’t have that support it’s easier for me to just quit. I shared what I was doing with a few friends and that helped me. The programme tells you to have a support network, and that was an important element to reaching my goal. 


I lost 3kgs in those 21 days and that was the motivation I needed to continue! During pregnancy and postpartum, it was easy to indulge and use excuses, but after the baby was born I really needed to change. With the exercise routines that I did, I noticed my body getting stronger, like getting up from the floor after playing with my son was a lot easier suddenly! That made me feel great and I just couldn’t turn back! After the success of the first 21 days, I decided to do another round. I also engaged the services of a personal trainer who changed up my workout routines every once in a while so I have been pretty much working out non-stop ever since! Having a trainer also helps keep me on track.

I started the programme in January 2016, and now after little more than a year, I’ve lost over 15kg. 

Another thing that has definitely changed is that I am able to do damage control a lot sooner. I am an emotional eater so one mistake would lead to another and before I realised it, I was gaining again! It used to be very difficult to get back on the horse after a holiday, or a trip, but now I am more aware and in tune with my body.

Since I started this journey after the second baby I have only lost and maintained, even when I travelled for a whole month and wasn’t able to follow my routine. I still use the mini goal chart occasionally when I want to be extra focused.


Just try it! 21 days is really not a long time, and it’s so much easier starting something that theoretically has an end date. In reality though, you’ll feel so good during and after the 21 days that you won’t want to stop!

You too can make the change! Our 21 Days To A Better Body programme will make you fitter and healthier in just three weeks!