5 Places For Drool-Worthy Vegetarian Burgers In KL

5 Places For Drool-Worthy Vegetarian Burgers In KL

If the world’s most famous fast food chain is jumping on the vegetarian burger bandwagon then you know that veggie versions are mainstream now. And, even if you love nothing more than a juicy beef burger, these versions may actually entice you to the ‘greener’ side!


The Daily Grind

Photo: @surayasulatin

With two restaurants located in Ampang and Bangsar, this is where you come for your hit of meat between two buns. Their menu is pretty extensive and although the focus is on beef burgers, there is a nice selection of alternatives including the Portobello Mozza Stack and Green With Envy.

The former is a baked Portobello mushroom filled with sautéed onions, grilled tomato, pesto and mozzarella; and the latter a chickpea, tempeh and mushroom patty with beetroot relish and avocado ranch sauce. They’re both hearty efforts and both available at the Bangsar outlet.

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When KGB first started, burger fans breathed a sigh of relief and finally there was a place to dig into a proper juicy burger oozing with cheese and their signature Shack sauce. Then they introduced their vegetarian options and they were just as good.

Chloe’s Earth Burger comprises a black bean and pistachio patty with Chipotle mayo; Sunshine Bella has a grilled Portobello mushroom with a fried egg and herbed ranch sauce; and the Portobello Bomb is two Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese. Tell they if you’re vegan and they’ll omit the dairy and eggs.

The great thing about KGB is that your carnivore friend can have the frighteningly named Double Animal while you tuck into your veggie option.

Website: www.kgb.my
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Real Food Mont Kiara

Photo: Real Food Mont Kiara

Real Food is a great café located in 1 Mont Kiara, which prides itself on offering wholesome, organic meat-free food. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, this is the ideal place to get your burger fix.

There are three tasty options: the beet burger made with beetroot, millet, carrots, onions and potato with avocado and salad; the signature lentil quinoa burger made with flaxseed, mushroom, walnuts and potatoes on a melted cheese bun; and the crispy Portobello with salad and organic vegan mayo. They’re all served with sweet potato fries and you can ask for vegan options too.

Website: www.realfoodmontkiara.com
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Instagram: realfood_montkiara
Phone: +603-6211 9078



Photo: Sala 

When it comes to vegan restaurants, Sala is an absolute must-try. Although the cuisine is Latin influenced, their local dishes are also very popular. The burger option here comes in the form of mushroom asada (typically grilled flank steak) on an onion bagel with homemade vegan mayo and a side of plantain chips.

Sala has taken making mushroom and jackfruit taste and feel like meat to a new level, which may not make a difference to a vegetarian / vegan, but for flexitarians and those making the transition, the burger here is just the ticket.

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The wonderfully named WTF (What Tasty Food) restaurant in Bangsar is famed for its Indian cuisine and is fully vegetarian. They have a very extensive menu covering everything from flatbreads and tandoor items to an amazing array of curries.

There are five options for vegetarian burgers here from the Veg Burger to the falafel and Tex Mex (made from beans) versions. But the star here is the Mumbai Vada Pau, which is probably the most exotic name for a vegetarian burger ever! This is a spiced mashed potato patty with chilli, coriander and spicy garlic chutney in a bun and at RM10, well worth every cent. There are also vegan options available.

Website: wtfrestaurants.com.my
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Header image credit: Sala