Up Your Smoothie Game With This Blender

Up Your Smoothie Game With This Blender

The smoothie has become a diet staple and we have them for breakfast, as an anytime snack, after the gym and even as a dessert. And while the ingredients form the base of the smoothie, the blender used to get the perfect consistency is just as important.

With the peaking popularity of wholesome nutrition, using fresh produce and the rise of vegetarian and vegan eating, smoothies have also become incredibly widespread. We can order them in restaurants, go to specialty smoothie outlets and we are definitely making an effort to create our own at home. The versatility of this drink and its ability to be a meal replacement, snack, treat and quick breakfast is why everyone should be making and having them at home.

The basic definition of a smoothie is a smooth, thick drink made by blending yoghurt / milk / plant-based milk / ice cream with fruit, vegetables, protein powder, nut butter and any other ingredient you want. You can use frozen fruit for a thicker texture and there’s so many toppings from granola and cacao nibs to coconut, seeds, nuts and fruit to add to the texture and nutritional benefits. Ingredients aside, it’s the equipment used that makes all the difference.

Blender speak

There are many variations of the blender in the market covering a wide price range, and it can get a little daunting sometimes. There are blenders for cocktails, soups, and milkshakes, personal-sized and high-powered types that can crush ice and make nut butter. Then there’s the vacuum blender – and for those who haven’t heard about this, allow us to explain.

A vacuum blender that removes the air from the blender jug before the process of blending takes place. This creates a vacuum, which means that everything that gets blended is much smoother and less frothy due to the absence of air bubbles.

The vacuum blender is being touted as the next big thing for smoothies for many reasons: 

  • Minimised oxidation of fruits and vegetables
  • Preserves nutrients longer and reduces nutrient loss
  • Less foam and separation (this happens when you don’t drink your juice or smoothie immediately)
  • Flavours and colour retained for longer – doesn’t go brown as quickly as with a normal blender

Where to get a vacuum blender in Malaysia

If blending is part of your daily routine and an integral part of food prep, then the Kuvings Galactic Gina is for you. It’s a high-peed (quiet) vacuum blender, easy-to-wash, one-touch auto button and uses BPA-free containers. This blender literally does everything from juicing and making perfect smoothies to blending nut butters, soups and sauces. Making your own nut milks will be a cinch and grinding spices and even oats (for oat flour) is easy.

This is an investment kitchen appliance and one that will be used for years; and it will look good on your kitchen counter too! From now till May 30th, we are offering a 20% discount promo code on specific Kuvings appliances including the Galactic Gina vacuum blender, HealthFriend Smart Juicer and their popular slow juicer (E7000R), so if you’ve been contemplating a new blender, this is a good deal!

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