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Malaysian Rainforest Wellness Treasure Box (Limited Edition)

Experience the powerful benefits of ancient Malaysian health and beauty remedies with rare botancials found deep within the Malaysian Rainforest. This thoughtfully curated collection will transport you to the heart of the Rainforest, a journey into Malaysia’s wellness heritage, and the natural medicine of our ancestors. 

Now brought to you in PurelyB’s Signature Set featuring our 4 superfood products offering unmatched potency and purity.

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RM388.00 MYR
    Malaysian Rainforest Wellness Treasure Box (Limited Edition)
    Malaysian Rainforest Wellness Treasure Box (Limited Edition)
    Malaysian Rainforest Wellness Treasure Box (Limited Edition)
    Malaysian Rainforest Wellness Treasure Box (Limited Edition)
    Malaysian Rainforest Wellness Treasure Box (Limited Edition)
    • Optimise Immunity & Energy

    • Healthy Glowing Skin

    • Healthy Gut & Improve Digestion

    • Anti-Inflammation & Ease Allergies

    • Respiratory Wellness

    • Focus & Weight Management

    The Benefits and Treaures Included

    • Pegaga Superfood Blend

      Unlock vitality with Pegaga, revered for over 2000 years. It supports gut health, skin radiance, brain function, immunity, energy, and weight management.

    • Tiger Milk Mushroom Blend

      Experience vitality with Malaysia's rare 400-year-old Tiger Milk Mushroom. It offers respiratory wellness, joint health, and overall well-being.

    • Pegaga Body Oil

      Enhance your skin's health and appearance. It moisturizes, fades scars, and promotes an even skin tone. Use it for soothing aromatherapy.

    • Kelulut Honey

      Savor 100% pure and raw Kelulut Honey, rich in antioxidants and health benefits.


    Discover the ancient secrets of the Malaysian Rainforest, a land where healing wisdom and nature intertwine. Our specially curated box is more than just a collection of products; it's a piece of our Malaysian heritage brought to life, just for you.

    Packed with the wisdom of centuries past, this bundle is a treasure trove of powerful botanicals, from Pegaga to Tiger Milk Mushroom and more. Indulge in the immense health benefits from our superfood products that offer unmatched purity and potency - with 100% natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients from marginalised farmers across Asia.

    Adorned with intricate Malaysian rainforest motifs, it's a true work of art, built with robust materials to guard your treasures, making it ideal for corporate gifting or to gift your loved ones a piece of paradise.

    How to Consume

    Ways you can enjoy consuming PurelyB Pegaga and Tiger Milk Mushroom together or separately!

      • Pegaga Drink: Mix 1 scoop of PurelyB Pegaga in water or your favorite drink - take twice daily for optimal results!
      • TMM candy: Pour 1 sachet of PurelyB Tiger Milk Mushroom powder directly on your tongue and enjoy. Take once daily.
      • TMM Drink: Mix 1 sachet of PurelyB Tiger Milk Mushroom powder in water and or your favourite drink
      • Pegaga & TMM Combo Drink: Max 1 sachet of PurelyB Tiger Milk Mushroom with 1 scoop of PurelyB Pegaga in a glass of water and enjoy!

    Elevate your well-being with these treasures from the Malaysian rainforest and discover a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness.

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    Customer Stories

    • Keeps me Full, Energized & Helps my Skin!

      I am so happy with Pegaga by PurelyB. I’ve been consuming it for the last 3 weeks - twice daily. It keeps me full, energized and helps my skin. I can really feel and see the difference. I am restocking it soon. Thank you for sharing this awesome product

      Najiha H
    • My Skin looks flawless from within!

      Pegaga helps to boost my energy level and keeps my skin looking flawless from within. It tastes even better when I add 1 tablespoon of honey and is so refreshing for an everyday routine drink. I love it so much

      Norashikin A
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