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PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)


PurelyB Pegaga is a revitalizing traditional Malay herbal supplement rooted in thousands of years of wellness wisdom. This unique blend of pegaga (gotu kola), turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, and habbatus sauda is scientifically proven to enhance gut health, repair skin, and strengthen immunity. 

Naturally sweetened with green apples and dates, enjoy optimal health and wellness—all in a refreshing, easy-to-consume way.

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    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    PurelyB Pegaga Travel Pack (7 sachets)
    • Improve Gut Health & Digestion

    • Skin Repair (Eczema & Acne)

    • Strengthen Immunity & Energy

    • Weight Management

    • Skin Radiance & Anti-Aging

    • Mental Clarity & Reduced Anxiety

    Harness the power of the Malaysian rainforest for transformative gut health, radiant skin, immunity and vitality.

    The Super Six Ingredients

    • Pegaga (Gotu Kola)

      Enhances digestion, boosts collagen production and skin regeneration, and increases focus and mental clarity.

    • Turmeric Leaf

      Boosts immunity and reduces inflammation.

    • Papaya Leaf

      Supports gut health and improves digestion.

    • Black Cumin Seeds

      Strengthens the immune system and boosts energy.

    • Green Apples

      Rich in antioxidants, promoting skin health and vitality.

    • Dates

      Provides natural energy and supports brain health.

    How to Consume PurelyB Pegaga

    Mix 1 scoop of PurelyB Pegaga in water or your favorite drink. Here are 4 ways we love to enjoy PurelyB pegaga:

      • PURE: mix in a glass of water 
      • COOL ELIXIR: mix with warm water, honey and ice 
      • PEGAGA LATTE: mix with soy/nut milk 
      • EXTRA SWEET: mix with your fave juice or smoothie

    • Key Benefits

      Gut Health
      Experience improved digestion and a healthier gut with the natural digestive aids in PurelyB Pegaga.

      Radiant Skin
      Combat eczema, acne, and dull skin, achieving a clearer, brighter complexion.

      Mental Clarity & Calmness
      Enhance focus and reduce anxiety for a sharper, calmer mind.

      Stronger Immunity
      Strengthen your body's defenses and enjoy fewer illnesses and faster recovery times.

      Increased Energy
      Feel revitalized and energetic throughout your busy day.

    • The Science

      PurelyB Pegaga is backed by scientific research that highlights the effectiveness of its ancient herbal ingredients. Studies show that these herbs offer numerous health benefits, from enhancing digestion and skin health to boosting immunity and mental clarity. Discover the scientific evidence that supports the powerful impact of PurelyB Pegaga's natural ingredients.

      See All Research Papers and Studies

    Experience the ancient Malaysian secret to modern wellness with PurelyB Pegaga and start your journey to optimal health today.

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    Customer Stories

    • “I saw the results in 5 days.. My gut health and digestion drastically improved, my skin is glowing, and I even lost quite a bit of weight! The only thing i did differently was consume PurelyB Pegaga”

      Anis Nabilah
    • “My eczema cleared up naturally, so fast, nothing worked for me before this. I also lost weight 83 to 75KG, this product is so worth it, i also love the taste”

      Sharifah Amani
    • “Pegaga helped me so much recover from my C-section, within 1 week! And it helped me increase my breastmilk supply and quality. I would recommend all new mothers to consume purelyb pegaga”

      Nina Ismail Sabri
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Pegaga by PurelyB?

    Pegaga by PurelyB is a refreshingly delicious instant superfood that features a powerful blend of unique Malaysian herbs — Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric leaf, and papaya leaf — naturally sweetened by green apples and dates.

    Designed to support gut health, skin wellness, immunity, and mental cognition, PurelyB Pegaga captures thousands of years of ancient wisdom and rituals for optimum health and well-being.*

    What is Pegaga? / What is Gotu Kola?

    Pegaga (Gotu Kola) is a tiny perennial herbaceous plant native to Asian wetlands that when consumed, has remarkable effects on the body. The names Centella Asiatica, Brahmi, and Asiatic Pennywort are also used to refer to this herb.

     Pegaga (Gotu Kola) has been used for its potent medicinal properties since ancient times in China and India. It is rich in nutrients, including several B vitamins, vitamin C, and a few phytonutrients that supply it with antioxidants that prevent cells from damaging and can help fend off disease.

    It has long been revered for its curative properties in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, earning it the nicknames "Miracle Elixir of Life" in Asia and "Fountain of Youth" in China.

    How does Pegaga by PurelyB taste ?

    Pegaga by PurelyB blend has dates and green apples which gives off a fruity flavour. You can always add our Pegaga to any smoothies or juices if you're worried about the taste. As an alternative, you could flavour it a little with some natural sweeteners like honey.

    How long till this product works?

    Each person will experience the effects differently.

    You'll notice improvements in your digestion within the first month. But we advise using it for at least three months if you want to see skin improvement.

    Studies on nootropics found effects after one month, and some of our customers have reported improvements in their skin even after four weeks.

    We advise taking it for at least two to three months to achieve the desired effects on memory, brain function, and fat burning.* Of course, you may see improvements in these areas much sooner than that, but remember that different bodies respond differently.

    When should I consume Pegaga by PurelyB?

    Our Pegaga blend can be taken twice daily, preferably on an empty stomach, once in the morning and once at night.

    Is colour variation in each of my Pegaga batches normal ?

    Everything about this is normal. There may be a slight colour difference between batches since we use only natural ingredients in all of our batches, including herbs and fruits. Be assured that the quality of our product, which is always made with the best ingredients, is unaffected by this.

    Does Pegaga help with weight loss?

    Pegaga has the ability to detoxify and help with digestion. Consuming it promotes weight loss, eases inflammation, increases energy levels, and flushes out extra toxins while maintaining a healthy balance of fluids in the body.* This is because it contains mild diuretic properties.

    You may feel "lighter" and cleansed after these extra toxins have been released, which is just one of Pegaga’s many advantages. Hence, it might aid in losing weight.

    Can Pegaga help to reduce acne scars and breakouts ?

    Pegaga by PurelyB helps improve our overall immune system and its ability to fight acne.* As acne is caused by bacteria on the skin, our product can’t help in directly killing the bacteria, but it can help the skin repair from within.

    Is it normal to be experiencing headaches and sweating more frequently?

    Some people may experience headaches and perspire more. As your body undergoes a cleanse, this is a very common detox effect. You ought to keep taking Pegaga by PurelyB, or alternatively taking it in smaller doses.

    How to keep your Pegaga by Purelyb fresh?

    The best way to keep its freshness is to keep it tightly zipped and placed in the fridge.

    Can men consume Pegaga by Purelyb?

    Yes, men can consume this as well. It is a fantastic beverage for overall wellness and can help with gastrointestinal health, immunity, and energy.

    Can Pegaga help to reduce acne scars and breakouts?

    Pegaga, also famously known as Centella Asiatica in the cosmetics industry, not only strengthens the immune system in general but also combats acne. While our product can't directly combat the bacteria that causes acne, it can aid in the skin's internal repair.

    Pegaga is also more effective on the skin when consumed rather than applied topically.

    Is there any research done on Pegaga?

    We worked with the esteemed Professor Gerard Bodeker - Chairman of the Oxford-based Global Initiative for Traditional Systems of Health and Member of the Global Wellness Institute - whose research is dedicated to alternative medicine and the healing properties of Asian herbs. Together with a traditional Asian herbal specialist whose ancient healing practices have been handed down to her through generations of practitioners; to create: Pegaga by PurelyB.

    The key ingredient in Pegaga by PurelyB is Pegaga (Gotu Kola), one of nature's most potent herbs. Other ingredients include turmeric and papaya leaf, two of nature's most potent herbs. This unique blend of traditional Asian herbs has powerful immune boosting, anti-aging, energising, mental strengthening properties, and improved digestive capabilities.*

     These herbs are in their purest form and have been used for centuries in Asia for healing and beauty. This powerful "all-rounder" blend can be added to your daily diet to support the best possible brain, skin, digestive, and overall health.*

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