Healthy Cafe Hopping In KL Made Easy With GoCar: PurelyB Co-founders Try Car Sharing

Healthy Cafe Hopping In KL Made Easy With GoCar: PurelyB Co-founders Try Car Sharing

With cafes popping up all over KL, PurelyB co-founders Jesrina Arshad and Stephanie Looi decided to hit the streets to find some of the best healthy eats on offer. To keep their day hassle-free, they opted for car sharing with GoCar.

It’s easy to see why KL is a city that suffers from unbearable traffic jams, with Malaysia ranking third highest in the world for car ownership in 2016, at 93% compared to the global average of 52%. Recognising the social, environmental and economic impacts of this predicament have lead to the rise of solutions, one of them being car-sharing.

An on-demand car sharing platform that allows you the flexibility to book a car by the hour or day, GoCar provides a convenient alternative to car ownership, without the financial burden. As ease of use is at the core of its service, registering, booking, paying and often locking and unlocking a car can all be done through their app.

Watch the full video to see what Jess and Steph’s got up to on their healthy cafe hopping adventure, and how GoCar made their full day a breeze!



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Want to give car sharing a go on your next family outing or big day out? Download GoCar on the App Store or Google Play for a fuss free experience! Head over to GoCar’s website, Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Featured cafes:
Kopenhagen Coffee, Barat, Lushbowl