5 Reasons To Stay Vegan Past Veganuary

Since 2014, UK based registered charity Veganuary has been helping people be vegan in January with resources and support to help improve their health, the condition of the planet and reduce the global consumption of meat.

This year, over 160,000 people from 162 countries signed the pledge, and according to the campaign organisers around 67% of them will likely stay vegan beyond January. If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to continue and adopt a vegan lifestyle for a while longer, here are 5 reasons why it will be an awesome decision.

#1 This Is Just The Beginning

Most people going vegan report feeling lighter and better physically. If you feel good after 31 days, why not adopt this lifestyle completely and explore what else it has in store for you? Are you curious to find out just how good it feels to thrive? If yes, then this journey is for you.
If we can reduce the amount of cattle and animal farming needed without sacrificing on taste and health, then that in itself should be even more reason to continue with this lifestyle!

#2 Vegan Food & Plant-based Proteins Are Delicious

Gone are the days when the only options for vegetarians to eat (let alone vegans) were salads and chips. Tofu, tempeh, beans and legumes all made into burgers, vegan lasagnas or perhaps your beloved nasi lemak, mean you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals leaving meat off your plate. From my humble 2.5 years of vegan food experience, let me tell you: there are so many delicious recipes to be discovered.

How about this Vegan Matcha Marble No-Bake Cake instead of your usual cheesecake?

#3 You’re Making Mama Earth Proud

According to you have saved over 120,000 liters of water in just one month! On top of that, 84 sq meters of forest, almost 300 kgs of CO2 and almost 550 kgs of grains. Every day you continue your plant-based diet, these numbers go up and up and up. Since I changed my diet two and a half years ago I have contributed to saving 3.5 million liters of water, just with my food choices.
Your everyday food choices have a much bigger impact than you think. The beauty is, everyone can do that.

#4 Your wallet will thank you

Tofu, tempeh, beans, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits cost less than meat, dairy, eggs or fish. You’ll be saving money with each meal and contributing to reducing waste at the food production level since it requires more water and grain to produce animal products.


#5 You Are Finally Living Up To Your Own Values

We all want to be healthy, kind and contribute to a better world. Yet with our busy lives, jobs and relationships, there is little time to getting involved for those in need. Being vegan will not solve all the world’s problems overnight, but it is making a powerful difference towards a healthy, compassionate and forward thinking world. We can accomplish so much united together, but only with you. Be the change.