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Focus Remedy Tincture
Focus Remedy Tincture
Focus Remedy Tincture
Focus Remedy Tincture
Focus Remedy Tincture

Focus Remedy Tincture

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FOCUS - emotional healing remedy made from 100% flower & plant essences specifically crafted for those with little concentration & mindful lapses in daily life. Collect yourself and find the equilibrium and patience for renewed attentiveness.

A safe and natural method of healing created with the original method of Dr Bach a medical doctor and homeopath. 


  • White Chestnut - helps to you calm down, leave behind thoughts that take you in circles incessantly and find a clear and structured mind
  • Sclerenthus - helps you feel balanced and ready to go forward. leaves behind frequent mood swings and the inability to make decisions and find deliberateness and clear targets.
  • Impatients - help you get patient and relaxed. leave behind inner flurry and tension and find a balanced daily rhythm.
  • Chestnut Bud - helps you find a gain in knowledge and experience and leave behind repetitive errors
  • Clematis - helps you and an attentive concentration, leave behind distracted absentmindedness, and able you to be more perceptive, self-collected and alert


Benefits of Bach Flower Remedy:

The remedy has been used for years to balance the body, mind & spirit. When we’re balanced, self healing can take place. When we are healed, our life becomes better. This healing can be body healing - ailments, illnesses & disease - but it can also be a mental healing - stress, anxiety, worry & fear. In fact, flower remedies are great for people wanting to improve their emotional well-being. Some of these emotions that can be balanced using flower remedies are: fear, uncertainty, anxiety, stress, loneliness, sensitivity, lack of interest, moodiness & lack of confidence.

How To Use Bach Flower Remedy:

The remedy is in a glass bottle in liquid form. All you have to do is take four drops, four times a day in water until you feel better. Alternatively you can take four drops directly under your tongue.