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Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4
Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4
Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4
Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4
Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4
Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4

Bach Flower Remedy – Set of 4

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Emotional Healing Remedies made from 100% flower & plant essences to heal and restore balance between the mind & body. A safe and natural method of healing created with the original method of Dr Bach a medical doctor and homeopath.

The Set Includes:

  • Courage Tincture - These are specifically chosen for those moments of doubt in daily life. Helps you take courage and allow for your inner-confidence to emerge
  • Focus Tincture - These specifically crafted for those with little concentration & mindful lapses in daily life. Collect yourself and find the equilibrium and patience for renewed attentiveness.
  • Energy Tincture - For those with little energy slumps - find your balance and embrace the day with zest and vigour
  • Hope Tincture - This combination is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss and are suffering from dark thoughts and can’t find a way out of where you are.

    Benefits of Bach Flower Remedy:

    The remedy has been used for years to balance the body, mind & spirit. When we’re balanced, self healing can take place. When we are healed, our life becomes better. This healing can be body healing - ailments, illnesses & disease - but it can also be a mental healing - stress, anxiety, worry & fear. In fact, flower remedies are great for people wanting to improve their emotional well-being. Some of these emotions that can be balanced using flower remedies are: fear, uncertainty, anxiety, stress, loneliness, sensitivity, lack of interest, moodiness & lack of confidence.

    How To Use Bach Flower Remedy:

    The remedy is in a glass bottle in liquid form. All you have to do is take four drops, four times a day in water until you feel better. Alternatively you can take four drops directly under your tongue.

    With every purchase you make, PurelyB contributes RM5 from every sale is donated to food relief initiative to provide cash and food aid for the struggling marginalised families in Malaysia who have been affected by the pandemic.