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Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)


PurelyB™ Tiger Milk Mushroom is a delicious ancient Malaysian herbal supplement featuring the rare 400-year-old Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus Rhinocerus). This powerful remedy is scientifically proven to improve respiratory wellness, boost immunity, reduce allergy symptoms, and enhance energy with the first-of-its-kind TM02-xLr® extract, offering 5x more efficacy than regular tiger milk mushroom powder.

Naturally sweetened with pure elderberry and red grape, enjoy a delightful sour candy taste with every sachet.

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    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    Tiger Milk Mushroom (14 sachets)
    • Protects lungs against respiratory problems

    • Eases Allergy Symptoms

    • Strengthens immunity

    • Reduces inflammation

    • Supports joint health

    Harness the power of the Malaysian rainforest with Tiger Milk Mushroom for enhanced immunity, respiratory wellness and allergy relief.

    Nature’s Most Powerful Ingredients 

    • Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus Rhinocerus)

      A 400-year-old rare medicinal mushroom sourced from deep within the Malaysian rainforest, that is used by Traditional Malay & Chinese medicine practitioners for its natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties: known to boost the immune system, support respiratory health, allergy relief, and enhance overall vitality.

    • Elderberry

      Rich in antioxidants and a natural source of vitamins C, E, and A, packed with more free-radical-fighting antioxidants than the usual berries, boosting boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and provide respiratory support.

    • Red Grape

      An excellent source of vitamin C, soluble fiber, potassium, vitamin K, as well as resveratrol, quercetin, and anthocyanin. Packed with antioxidants, promoting heart health and skin health

    How to Consume PurelyB Tiger Milk Mushroom - take 1 sachet a day:

      • Drink: Mix with water and drink!
      • Pixie Stick: Pour the powder directly onto your tongue and delight in the sour candy taste as it melts in your mouth.
      • Blended: Mix in your favourite juice, or  smoothie. 
      • Double the Power: Mix in water with 1 scoop/sachet of PurelyB Pegaga superfood blend and experience double the health goodness. 

    • Key Benefits

      Enhanced Immunity
      Boost your body's defenses with the powerful immune-enhancing properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom.

      Respiratory Health
      Support your respiratory system and alleviate symptoms of asthma, coughs, colds, and sinusitis with this natural remedy.

      Experience relief from allergies and ease breathing by relaxing and opening up the lung passage airways. Many customers no longer need Zyrtec or Claritin, taking just one sachet daily.

      Overall Vitality
      Feel more energetic and vital with the overall health benefits of this ancient mushroom.

      Better Sleep
      Calm your body and promote good sleep with the relaxing properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom.

    Experience the ancient Malaysian secret to Respiratory Wellness with PurelyB Tiger Milk Mushroom and start your journey to optimal health today.

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    Customer Stories

    • Keeps me Full, Energized & Helps my Skin!

      I am so happy with Pegaga by PurelyB. I’ve been consuming it for the last 3 weeks - twice daily. It keeps me full, energized and helps my skin. I can really feel and see the difference. I am restocking it soon. Thank you for sharing this awesome product

      Najiha H
    • My Skin looks flawless from within!

      Pegaga helps to boost my energy level and keeps my skin looking flawless from within. It tastes even better when I add 1 tablespoon of honey and is so refreshing for an everyday routine drink. I love it so much

      Norashikin A
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) Extract (xLr)?

    Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM)-Extract (xLr) is the first TMM-Extract in the market with known bioactive compounds and bioactivities. Tiger Milk Mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that has been used in the last 500 years to treat a variety of diseases. According to folklore, Tiger Milk Mushroom sclerotium is formed from the spot where the tigress drops its milk onto the ground while feeding her cubs.

    Is there any research done on TMM-Extract (xLr)?

    Yes. Various research has been done and published to validate the safety and efficacy of TMM-Extract (xLr). The research has shown that TMM-Extract (xLr) is safe for long term consumption with no known side effect. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating, bronchodilating, anti-oxidant, anti-proliferative, anti-glycating, and energy enhancement properties.

    Research article Here  

    Research article Here 

    What are the active components in TMM-Extract (xLr)?

    TMM-Extract (xLr) is rich in Rhinoprolycan , the major components primarily responsible for its bioactivities.

    How much of TMM is in one sachet ?

    Each sachet of TMM contains 50mg of TMM extract

    What is the benefit of TMM-Extract (xLr)?

    One of the main benefits of TMM-Extract (xLr) is its ability to modulate the immune system to an optimum level which will greatly assist in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and is recommended for health maintenance. TMM-Extract (xLr) also can help in relieving lung and respiratory health concerns such as asthma, sinus, chronic cough – and assist in the repair and strengthening of the lungs and respiratory system.

    Combining its anti-inflammatory with immunomodulating activities, TMM-Extract (xLr) also can relieve allergy problems, joint pains and can be taken for general health to enhance stamina and maintain vitality.

    Who can take TMM-Extract (xLr)?

    It is for everyone. In particular, for patients with respiratory concerns, sinus or rhinitis allergic patients, smokers, elderly, those with weak immune systems and those with allergies. We would not recommend Tiger Milk Mushroom to be consumed during pregnancy but it’s safe to consume post pregnancy & for breastfeeding mothers

    How much TMM-Extract (xLr) is in your product and is it effective ?

    Our product contains 50mg of xLr per sachet, Tiger Milk Mushroom Sclerotia Extract which is rich in rhinoprolycan using patented technology. Rhinoprolycan is the bioactives in the extract. This extract is much more concentrated than regular Tiger Milk Mushroom powders and extracts, and is the first of its kind in the market.

    Thus with only 50mg you can get more health benefits. Our TMM extract is the pure bioactive fraction and that is the part that is mainly responsible for the strong benefits & healing properties.

    When should I consume this ?

    We recommend to consume one sachet a day after meals (any time of the day is fine too)

    How does it taste ?

    You can consume it directly from the sachet and customers tell us it tastes like sour candy and they enjoy it ! Or you can mix it with 100ml water and drink ! - tastes like a natural version of ribena

    How does TMM-Extract (xLr) helps in improving the respiratory health?

    TMM-Extract (xLr) rich in Rhinoprolycan will help in balancing the immune system and strengthen the lung and respiratory health in order to respond well to foreign substances that will find a way to enter our body and assist in maintaining health. The anti- inflammatory functions will help in reducing and relieving the inflammation on the lungs and respiratory system for optimal function.What is the effective dosage?

    The effective dosage is 1 sachet for adults and elderly. For children 5 years and below we would recommend half the dosage which is half a sachet. You may start quarter of a sachet first for the first few weeks then move to half a sachet

    For kids above 5 years old, they may also start with half the dosage for the first week to allow their body to adapt to TMM and after 1 week a full dosage is fine

    How Can Tiger Milk Mushrooms help in times of COVID-19?

    Tiger Milk Mushroom boosts immunity and strengthens your body’s ability to resist infection and eliminate unwanted toxins. It has the ability to harmonize several important anti-inflammatory properties and cytokines in the body, which are essential in controlling the activity and growth of other immune system cells and blood cells.

    When released, they signal the immune system to do its job, which is more important than ever during these uncertain times of COVID-19.

    COVID19 causes and elevates inflammation in your body, which is why people who are already experiencing a lot of inflammation are most at threat from the virus.It is important to consume supplements, herbs, foods and a lifestyle that can help reduce inflammation in your body to protect and prevent COVID19 symptoms.

     Tiger Milk Mushroom is recommended as it both balances the immune response and has anti-inflammatory properties.It also has bronchorelaxation effects and has the ability to relax the lung passage airways (pre-contracted airways) helping to ease breathing during times of difficulty which is why asthma patients no longer feel the need to rely on their inhalers and have less asthma attacks when they start taking Tiger Milk Mushroom regularly.

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