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This Nutrition Coach’s Secret To Getting Her Kids To Love Healthy Eating

One way to get your children to eat better is to simply get them involved in the kitchen. You may think this is a recipe for disaster, and sometimes it can be, but trust me the benefits outweigh the occasional disaster.

So I’m not saying you need your children in the kitchen everyday with you preparing meals, but you should involve them in the kitchen on a weekly basis.

How I usually do it, so that it is safe for the kids and to minimise the mess plus my stress levels, is that I get things setup. Having two kids I need to make sure the tasks are divided evenly so they aren’t fighting over the same task.

My children are 3 and 6 years old, and both of them can almost cook a full meal — from chopping up vegetables (I don’t let them handle meat just yet), placing ingredients in the pot and stirring the pot. The most important part is chopping the vegetables, where we talk about the nutrients and why they are healthy.

Sometimes they even like to try the vegetables raw, and it is amazing when they like the natural taste of them. Often vegetables get disguised or over cooked for children, as we think they won’t eat vegetables unless they have other flavours. This is true if that is how you choose to always cook your vegetables. Remember, simplicity is key.

Another way to get your kids interested in food is to involve them in food shopping. I know this can be a nightmare as they basically want everything in the supermarket, and usually more of the bad than the good, but again use this as an educational process. You can also help with their reading, as they can learn to read the shopping list.

Do I bring my kids to the supermarket all the time? No way, cause sometimes I just need peace and quiet to shop!