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4 Natural Ways to Lighten the Underarms

More often than not, when it comes to keeping up with a beauty regime, the underarm tends to get neglected and even worse, taken care of in the wrong way.

From harsh hair removal methods, regular shaving, applying deodorant and not fully removing it, to poor ventilation and the constant rubbing of that area against clothing which causes problems - all these little factors lead up to issues such as discolouring and darkening of the underarm area. Problems like these happen over the years and become quite a task to fix.

Advanced technologies and methods to whiten your underarm come at a really high cost and more worrying is the use of chemicals. Fret not, we've got you covered with some of the best alternatives that are organic and won't cause any harm to your skin. These methods have been used for centuries, and the best part? You'll definitely be able to find one or two (if not more!) of these ingredients already stocked in your kitchen! 


It may not come as a surprise that this natural citrus fruit has bleaching properties. It is most commonly used to lighten dark spots and scars, due to its natural acidic and antiseptic properties. Just cut a slice and apply directly on your underarms or even squeeze the juice and apply it with a cotton pad, leave it on for a few minutes to enable the juices to absorb into your skin. Do moisturise once done as it can be fairly drying. This method can be done on a daily basis and you can see results as fast as a week or two.


Who would have thought that potatoes have bleaching agents like lemons do! Though not as strong, its mild acids allow bleaching to be done without being harmful or causing any skin irritation. The method of application is the same as using a lemon. Alternatively, you can mash or grate it and rub it against your underarms. This however takes a longer absorbing period or you can even apply and go to bed as its harmless. For best results, use this method twice a day.


With similar benefits as the potato but much milder, the cucumber has bleaching properties and also helps to cool and soothe the skin. It is recommended to mix both lemons and cucumbers for best results. This way you get to ensure that your underarms are lightened but in the mildest way possible. This combination can be mixed with a dash of turmeric for even better results.

Orange Peel

Here's another acidic fruit very much like the lemon! However in this case, it's not the juice from the fruit that does the trick - it’s the peel (which is great so you can eat the orange before using it!). With exfoliating properties, orange peels also have skin lightening properties. It’s best used when in powder form so do dry it out in the sun before grinding it. All you need to do it create a paste using water or even rose water. Apply the paste to your underarms like a mask and let it dry before washing off with warm water.

Take into consideration that these methods won't work if you continue to 'abuse' your underarms. Make it a point to wax instead of shaving to avoid discolouration and heavy hair growth. Also give your underarm some time to breathe by wearing sleeveless or loose tops. Make a conscious effort to incorporate the importance of taking care of your underarms in your beauty regime. It'll definitely make a world of a difference.

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