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Feeling Unmotivated In Life? Here Are 3 Easy Steps To Get You Going Again

We’ve all experienced feeling stuck—dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, not looking forward to anything, everything and everyone annoys you and the end of the day can’t come fast enough!

This feeling can persist and stop you from going about your daily life in a productive manner. What you need are tools to get out of the rut and that’s what we’ll be talking about here. There are various reasons why we feel this way, e.g. we took a wrong turn and ended up in a job we didn’t like or we’ve been fighting for something for too long and have given up. Sometimes, it can be our hormones that causes us to feel sad. I often meet people who have been stuck in the same unwanted situation for too long and ended up feeling lost and lethargic.

3 Steps To Help You Feel Motivated Again:

Focus on what you have—be grateful

Even when life isn’t going according to plan, focus on the things that are. Stop focussing on the negative aspects and all those things that are going wrong, take a moment and force yourself to think of the things you are grateful for. Millions of impressions are filtered by our brains every second based on what is important to us. That’s a lot of information to process! If you think your life is lousy, your filter system makes you think that everything is dire. Shift your focus onto something positive and your mood will immediately lift.

Do what you love!

Sometimes we need to just drop everything and do something that makes us happy. Go out, get a change of scenery, take a moment to think about yourself and don’t procrastinate! Go for a walk, meet a friend, have a foot massage, plan a holiday—there are so many simple, fun activities to indulge in that will improve your mood and mental state.

Set realistic goals

The two steps above are a good start to lead to this next action. You aren’t happy with your current situation so what would you like to be doing now? Discover what excites you and makes you happy, and I guarantee that once you find the answer, there will be a definite light at the end of the tunnel. There will be that little negative voice in your head dissuading you and giving excuses for not achieving your goals. These excuses are driven by fear. In NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), we use FEAR as an acronym for ‘false evidence appearing real’.

Our minds are brilliant in creating worst case scenarios. What we need to be doing is to focus on the best case scenario! Write down what you really want in life if you knew you couldn’t fail, then think about what it would take to make changes to reach your goals. Lastly, write down what is stopping you from achieving your hopes and dreams.


The longer you wait and wallow, the harder it is to get out and you know that. So get inspired, change your life and do it today!