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be mindful

  • Resetting Your Health & Starting The New Year Right

    Somehow, another year has flown by! To be fair, lockdown-induced time distortion contributed to how quickly 2021 passed. It’s been a surreal time for everyone around the world yet the global situation has provided useful insights. In particular, it’s revealed to many the benefits of adopting a holistic lifestyle. In a nutshell: living holistically really means creating healthy habits for yourself that can support you through thick & thin!
  • 11 important health & wellness trends to watch in 2021 according to experts

    COVID has changed the way we eat and live, and renewed our interest in staying healthy. 

  • Tap Away Anxiety & Stress With the Emotional Freedom Technique

    Ancient Eastern philosophies, as well as Western psychology,  believe all the experiences we go through from birth to adulthood are stored within our body. All the good, the bad and the ugly. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an alternative therapy that allows these stuck emotions to be released.

  • What Is Sound Bath & Why You Should Try It

    If you’re new to the concept then know this, you’re not actually bathing. Instead of a literal interpretation, think along the lines of a figurative interpretation - only your senses will be bathing in an immersive experience of sound.

  • How to Manage Stress During Covid & Beyond

    Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

    When you look back on your life and your daily dynamic before the pandemic has completely taken over our lives, you can recognize patterns of stress that would naturally infuse your time. Whether we like it or not (and most of us don’t, really), stress is deeply woven into the fabric of the human experience. It can arise from regular interactions at work, from typical misunderstandings with our spouses, or it can come from a momentary mishap in traffic. It can be chronic or acute, and it can certainly rewire how we perceive the value of our lives and our relationships. 

  • 8 Steps To Mindful Eating & What That Does For The Gut

    Mindful eating - The act of developing awareness of your experiences, physical cues, and feelings about food. Following a few simple steps towards mindful eating not only helps to heal your relationship to food but can also lead to massive improvements in your digestion.

  • The Shocking Reality - and Impact - of Workplace Depression in Asia

    Workplace depression in Asia is an area of mounting concern. A recent workplace survey conducted by AIA Vitality found that 53 per cent of workers in Asia is at risk of mental health issues, including depression. And it’s predicted that depression will be the most burdensome illness in developed countries by the year 2030.

  • 10 Habits Most Happy People Practice—Get Their Secret!

    Why do some people always look happy? Is there something they know that we don’t or have they found that by following certain habits, happiness is achievable?

  • Feeling Unmotivated In Life? Here Are 3 Easy Steps To Get You Going Again

    We’ve all experienced feeling stuck—dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, not looking forward to anything, everything and everyone annoys you and the end of the day can’t come fast enough!

  • You’re Probably Using These Everyday Items That Are Harming The Environment (& Your Health!)

    Many of us know or have heard the word climate change, but how serious are we about it? Many also think that climate change is not happening, especially when leaders of the first world shun it, all in the name for more power and profit.

  • How This Store Is Pioneering KL’s Growing Zero-Waste Movement

    Teaming up with The Hive – Bulk Food Stores, PurelyB members got to try their hand at making their own natural skincare products. From massage lotion bars, sacred seven face serums and relaxation bath bombs, the workshop was a fun and educational opportunity to learn zero-waste practices first hand.

  • Raw With Chef Yin - Crafting The Future Of Raw Food In Malaysia

    Raw Chef Yin wants to craft the future of raw food in Malaysia! Hmmm, is that a big, hairy, audacious goal? Because I’ve decided that’s what I want to focus on in Two-Oh-One-Six.