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How it works

By subscribing to a Monthly Subscription plan, you set up an auto-renew monthly delivery plan to keep your favourite Pegaga by PurelyB on hand at all times. As one canister should last you around 30 days, we automatically place and ship your supply of Pegaga by PurelyB for the following months on the scheduled date. 

Plan ahead and get your Pegaga by PurelyB at RM139/cannister (retail price RM169)! In addition, by subscribing to the Monthly Subscriptionplan, you are entitled to receive the following benefits: 

  • Pegaga by PurelyB at RM139 per unit (retail price: RM169/ per unit)
  • FREE shipping to Malaysia and Singapore 

How do I pay?

We know how busy you are – once you sign up for a Monthly Subscription plan, we’ll take care of the rest! 

By placing a Monthly Subscription order, you authorise PurelyB to charge the credit / debit card you provided for your purchase order (including for subsequent Pegaga orders and for renewal of Monthly Subscription plans).

Unless modified by you, the credit/debit card you used to set up the Monthly Subscriptionorder will be charged for subsequent orders and renewal of Monthly Subscriptionplans. 

To update your credit card information, please log in to your Recharge account and click “Manage Subscriptions”.  

For more information about our subscription program, please read our Terms & Conditions.

How do I cancel?

After the minimum subscription of two months, you may cancel your Monthly Subscriptionplan prior to the next billing date (at least five working days prior to your next billing date) by going to your Recharge accont. 

If your credit/debit card cannot be credited or does not have enough credit balance during the subscription period, your Monthly Subscription plan will not be automatically renewed and will be cancelled with immediate effect.