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Top 3 Deliciously Raw Desserts Delivered To Your Doorstep

Enjoy desserts with no guilt? Absolutely possible! Thanks to the homegrown raw desserts movement in Malaysia, you can now indulge healthily in these unbaked raw goodness! Gluten-, dairy-, egg-, refined-sugar free and vegan – you’ll love every bite!

1. Sweet Benefits

Credit: Sweet Benefits

Have you had times when ideas spark on ordinary days in the most unexpected ways? As diverse as balance sheets and natural fluid wells may sound, these converged seamlessly for two cousins – at their love for desserts. For Zuriana Bahari and Fara Nadiah, healthy living was already a lifestyle – they love running, yoga, homemade granolas and hearty salads. However, something was amiss. When they put their finger on it, healthy desserts were the missing piece - raw ones, that is. They immediately set out on setting this right. In just under three months, these two industrious and passionate ladies created a home-based dessert boutique that is one to look out for!

Sweet Benefits’ creations centre around their three favourite ingredients – chocolate, peanut butter and coconut. Their desserts are perfect as a grab-and-go breakfast, pre- or post-workout snacks, surprise gift ideas or if you’re just craving for something sweet yet healthy! Our all-round favourite, the chocolate chia seed energy bars were indescribably good – you have to try it! The dark chocolate nut bites were unadulterated bite-sized edible buttons, loaded with nutty goodness and a cranberry zing. The peanut butter protein bar was rich – a sure hit with PB lovers! Bounty fans would enjoy the generously coated dark choc coconut truffles. Grab the fruity oat squares for an energy boosting brekkie! Plus, you’ll get flavourful fibre from prunes, dates and cranberries! Craving for stringy-gooey-caramel? Try the refined sugar-free raw snickers; from the bottom-up: a cocoa, coconut oil and honey base, a middle layer of oats and almond milk, crowned with dates and natural peanut butter for that much-desired caramel! The royal brownies stepped out with poise and elegance thanks to cocoa powder, low glycaemic index (GI) coconut sugar, coconut oil, dark chocolate and arrowroot powder – definitely, a step in the right direction. The dark chocolate fudge was a chewy treat, made with nutritious, lactose intolerant-friendly almond milk.

Order a combo of two, four or six with an assortment of your choice. Get these healthy treats delivered to you (almost anywhere in the Klang Valley) and sink your teeth into every bite! The ladies behind these as tasty-as-it-looks, vegan-friendly desserts are not resting on their laurels. More artisan, guilt-free desserts are in the works. We hear cookies, muffins and even, doughnuts! How awesome is that? Check out their Instagram to find out more!

2. The Honest Treat

Credit: The Honest Treat

What began as a candid conversation over chocolate cake and ice cream turned into an entrepreneurial mission to create healthier dessert options for Malaysians. Mummies Fatin and Irene imagined the possibilities of enjoying guilt-free desserts themselves and without having to worry about their kids getting a sugar-rush when tucking into these treats!

They hold themselves to high standards – handcrafting their raw cakes and treats using the finest ingredients in their most natural state, from pecans, cacao powder to coconut oil, without compromising on taste and keeping honestly healthy about it!

Three months on, The Honest Treat (THT) is already making waves in the raw food scene. Their delectable array of cakes comes in seven flavours - banoffee, berry banana, minty chocolate, raspberry choc, raspberry dream, tropical surprise and orange chocolate. If you can’t decide on one flavour, choose a mix box where you can enjoy any six slices for the price of five! Talk about a really good deal! Their raw cakes are aesthetically pleasing; decked in layers of vivid colours and ornamented with nasturtiums (edible flowers), fresh fruits and their very own gourmet chocolate. Our favourite was the tropical surprise, a lovely combination of local mango and dragonfruit paired with a coconut cake base. A peek into their ingredient list blew us away – dates, almonds, walnuts, coconut flakes, cashew nuts, coconut oil, dragonfruit, agave nectar, cacao butter, mango and Himalayan salt. What’s not to love about these wholesome treats!

You’ll be hooked at your first taste, don’t stop there - spread the love for raw cakes! These make an excellent choice for birthday parties at home, office or anywhere surprises, showers, catch-up sessions or on days when you simply feel like indulging in good-for-you, mouth-watering desserts! Online orders are now available or if you’re passing by La Juiceria (1 Utama or Sri Hartamas) or Goodness Greens Café (Taman Tun Dr Ismail), be sure to check out THT’s rawsome cakes there! Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for their latest promotions!

3. The Raw Kitchen Malaysia

Credit: The Raw Kitchen Malaysia

Now we take you beyond the borders of Peninsular Malaysia and bring you across the sea to East Malaysia – Kuching, Sarawak to be exact. Integrated nutritionist and health coach, Ilnara Mukatayeva founded The Raw Kitchen Malaysia in December 2014. A vegan herself, Ilnara pioneered the juice scene in Kuching, aspiring to educate her customers on how to eat right for a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Her passion to share her lifestyle of raw foods and juices with Kuching-ites saw the conception of their first outlet in 2015.

The Raw Kitchen Malaysia prides itself on being the premier choice for raw, organic, vegan food with salad bars, customised smoothie and cold-pressed juice bars and an array of raw desserts; be it energy balls or brownies. We’d also say that their raw mylk series with almond and/or chocolate variations and smoothie super bowls are must-try goodies! Looking for a juice cleanse? They’ve got you covered! These 100% raw, cold-pressed juices are made from organic produce with living nutrients and enzymes. You’re sure to feel refreshed and revitalised with these healthy tonics! Grab and enjoy these highly nutritious and delicious grubs anytime of the day or even, pre- or post-workout! What’s more, they also have a menu of raw meals with delivery service available!

Their raw food offerings and juice fasting programmes have been very well-received so much so that their humble beginning has blossomed into more spacious outlets with their third outlet opening soon, all under a year! If you’re in Kuching or travelling to the Cat City soon, remember to stop by The Raw Kitchen or get these raw goodness delivered to you! Follow them on Facebook for their latest updates!

Cheers to raw-mazing desserts! As always, remember to enjoy everything in moderation!