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food reviews

  • 7 Apple Varieties You Can Find In Hong Kong That You Need To Know About

    Apples, one of our all-time favourites for snack and salad. Rich in vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, apple is, in no doubt, the delicious and “nutritional powerhouse” with low calories. But with all the different varieties of apples, from Gala apple to Rubigold apple, do you know how they differ?

  • 5 Places For Drool-Worthy Vegetarian Burgers In KL

     If the world’s most famous fast food chain is jumping on the vegetarian burger bandwagon then you know that veggie versions are mainstream now. And, even if you love nothing more than a juicy beef burger, these versions may actually entice you to the ‘greener’ side!
  • Where To Get The Best Vegetarian Dim Sum In Hong Kong

    When you walk along the busy streets of Hong Kong, you will know from the hustle and bustle that this city, though invisible on the world map, is a treasure chest filled with various kinds of experiences — food, night life, culture, art, business, etc. Indeed, you can go on many different adventures here, but ultimately, a Hong Kong experience without dim sum is an incomplete experience.

  • Top 3 Deliciously Raw Desserts Delivered To Your Doorstep

    Enjoy desserts with no guilt? Absolutely possible! Thanks to the homegrown raw desserts movement in Malaysia, you can now indulge healthily in these unbaked raw goodness! Gluten-, dairy-, egg-, refined-sugar free and vegan – you’ll love every bite!

  • The Malaysian Toddler’s Food Review: DISH by Ili

    My mom has been ‘forgets-an-extra-diaper’ kind of busy lately. I don’t know if it’s because she struggles with the concept of multi-tasking, or because my brother is still basically a baby - but she has barely enough time to cook nutritious and healthy meals for us every day anymore.