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Ready, Set, Shop! A Fast-Track Guide To Healthy Shopping

Queuing up at the supermarket checkout lane? Take a minute off your phone screen and observe what the shopping carts of the customers around you are filled with – very interesting observations, to say the least. Join us as we take you on a virtual shopping tour and provide you with the how-tos to shop healthy!

The observations you gathered from looking at shopping carts will give you a sneak peek into their food choices, eating habits including what’s going to be in their refrigerators and cupboards and how deep their pockets are (just kidding!). Put the pieces together and you’ll soon have a rough gauge into how healthy that person or home is! Wildly interesting, isn’t it!

We give you the low-down on how to shop healthy - from foods to personal products. Give your homes, families and your refrigerator a healthy reset. (Hint: When the buying stops, the eating does too!) Choose one shopping habit you’d like to change for the better and start today!

Whether you’re planning to do your grocery shopping at the brick-and-mortar store or do online shopping, check out this infographic below, share them with your family and friends and tag us #purelybhealthy #nottoolatetostart