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Cleansing and Nourishing your body during Ramadan

Ramadan has begun and what better time is it to detoxify our body during this holy month. To use this month to connect with your body and heal it. Ramadan is when many muslims learn discipline, self restraint, mindfulness and reflection. Our body is an amana (it is entrusted to us), so take care of it by purification and nourishment.

While some think of fasting as exhausting. Some feel it causes a hindrance to work. Others thrive with this opportunity, looking at it as a time to get more work done during the fasting hours, and for some, even cleaning up the digestive system along with an added benefit of losing a bit of excess weight. It is one to its own. Nonetheless, each one of us wants to eat well and nourish and cleanse our body, don’t we?

Fasting is a form of detoxification. Fasting in Islamic terms has tremendous health benefits due to detoxification. It not only helps in cleansing and nourishing the body but helps improve mental health too! Let’s understand what detoxification is when it comes to fasting. 

Detoxification or cleansing simply means removing harmful substances, toxins, from our body. During a cleanse, the body decomposes and burns only the substances and tissues that are damaged, diseased or unneeded, such as excesses, tumours, excess fat deposits and congestive wastes. (1)

To ensure that your journey to cleansing and nourishing your body during Ramadan is smooth and at ease, we've gathered useful information to help you navigate through it.


Focus on “YOU”

Yes, we have talked about self-love, self-care and reflecting on yourself. But during this holy fasting month, I would like to focus on cleansing and nourishing starting with “you”.

Water as we know is the most effective way to cleanse your body. Begin your morning with a glass of water. This not only helps during fasting but should also be practised throughout your life. Do check out our article on How to stay hydrated during Ramadan, to help you understand the importance of hydration during fasting.

Cleansing and nourishment of your body also helps to improve your immune system and fasting just speeds it up. We all want to stick to the natural route especially this month, through all the hustle and bustle of work and personal life. At Purely B, we focus on ensuring that you consume 100% organic and natural products that benefit your body and mind holistically. 

Our Pegaga by PurelyB is a healing adaptogenic herbal superfood blend composed of some of nature's most powerful herbs and fruits: Pegaga (gotu kola), turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, green apples and dates. ?It helps in detoxification, strengthens immunity, enhances brain function and memory and reduces stress and anxiety!


Consume One of Nature’s Most Powerful Detoxifying herbs - PEGAGA (Gotu Kola)

A rich source of vitamin K, magnesium and calcium, pegaga has been used in traditional Malay medicine for thousands of years for healing and prevention of illnesses. Pegaga has been scientifically proven to alleviate fatigue, boost energy, detoxify the body, and reduce the effects of depression and insomnia. 


Consume Dates (Kurma) to help cleanse & boost bowel movement 

Dates are packed with both soluble and insoluble fibre to supply us with our recommended daily intake. This fibre helps to move wastes along our colon to prevent constipation and promote healthy bowel movement. It also acts as a laxative which can help people who suffer from constipation. Dates also help with managing your appetite - when your blood sugar is low, you are more likely to feel hungry. This is an issue as it can lead to overeating. Fortunately, the rich nutrients and natural sugars found in dates can quickly replenish your blood sugar levels to alleviate the hunger pangs. 

Want to get your Pegaga & Dates nutrients in the most optimal way?

Our Pegaga by PurelyB is a healing adaptogenic herbal superfood blend composed of some of nature's most powerful herbs and fruits: Pegaga (gotu kola), turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, green apples and dates. ?This superfood blend will help in detoxifying your body, eliminating toxins and replenishing much needed nutrients, strengthening immunity, enhancing brain function and reducing stress and anxiety! It has also been proven to help keep you full for longer when consumed during Sahoor. 


Snacking is Important!

Simply having 2 meals (iftar and suhoor), may not be enough for your body. To ensure that your body gets the right nutrients and help you stay energised and focused, snacking is important. According to a study done by Harvard, ??snacking provides a boost of energy if several hours pass between meals and blood glucose levels drop. It also helps curb your appetite to prevent overeating at the next meal. Provides extra nutrients when choosing certain snacks like fresh fruit or nuts. (2)

At Purely B, our Pegaga Salted Gula Melaka Superfood Cookies do just that! Vegan friendly and high in fibre, made from 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients: rolled oats and almond flour, flaxseed, pegaga (gotu kola) powder, moringa powder, cinnamon powder and fenugreek, gula melaka and dark chocolate chips. These cookies are a healthy, satisfying, energising on-the-go snack for the entire family.

Ramadan Kareem!



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