How this woman got over her respiratory problems with Tiger Milk Mushrooms

How this woman got over her respiratory problems with Tiger Milk Mushrooms

Can you imagine not being able to climb up one flight of stairs? Or not being able to walk 100 meters without breathing difficulties? Not even being able to participate in any outdoor activities due to the humidity impacting your lungs? 

This was the reality for the Malaysian school teacher Lilian* for several years.

Until she discovered Tiger Milk Mushroom natural supplements - a 400 year old Traditional Malaysian Superfood used for strengthening immunity, respiratory and lung health.


From Loving The Outdoors to Avoiding The Outdoors

Lilian* has been an avid lover of the outdoors since she was young. In fact, her house is located at the foot of a mountain. Before 2015, she would run 7-10 k/m almost every day. She also used to teach Physical Exercise, among other subjects. 

Then, one morning, she woke up to a loud sound. Lilian* was shocked as she lived alone but quickly realised that it was the sound of her snoring. Several hospital admissions later and she was informed that she has asthma - triggered by external factors such as humidity or smoke.


Hospital Stays and Lots of Medications

That year, she was hospitalised five times and had to stay at home for three months. Her frequent visits to the emergency room created a routine of nebulisers and steroids - as she was told to take steroids daily, through an inhaler, her hair slowly started turning grey. 

The doctors soon realised that she has fibrosis and that her lungs were functioning at only 40-50% of their capacity. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lilian* also has a rare blood disorder, which only 1-2 out of 1000,000 people have.

Due to her predisposition, Lilian* was told to avoid all traditional and/ or herbal supplements. Instead, she was given various medications (alongside steroids) and was recommended an oxygen machine weighing 18 k/gs - despite the fact that she already struggled to bring herself up one flight of stairs.


From Daily Steroids to Tiger Milk Mushroom Natural Supplements

One day Lilian*'s life took a different turn. She got introduced to Tiger Milk Mushrooms.

“For me personally, I don't believe in supplements - I really don’t,” Lilian* said during an interview with us, “So when I was introduced to Tiger Milk Mushrooms via a friend and she told me about Dr. Fung I started off skeptical…”

However, after personally meeting with Dr. Fung, she decided to give Tiger Milk Mushroom natural supplements a chance. The fact that Dr. Fung was, and is, the leading researcher behind the creation of Tiger Milk Mushroom natural supplements helped to convince Lilian*. 

She initially started with 1 capsule per day then upped the dosage to 2 capsules per day. Now, on days she doesn’t feel her best, she takes up to 4 capsules per day.

“It really works and I highly recommend
it to people that have issues - give it a go.”

- Lilian*


No more medication or inhaler for asthma needed

Lilian* has now been taking Tiger Milk Mushroom natural supplements since August 2017, and has ever since been able to stop all medication and even the steroid-based inhalers for her asthma! 

Naturally, she didn’t heal overnight. The anti-inflammatory effects became more noticeable after 3-4 bottles of Tiger Milk Mushroom natural supplements. Lilian* recalls being most amazed at how, “everyone else around me was getting the flu, cough, fever but I didn’t get it!” 

For her, being able to breathe better and in turn, return to the great outdoors without feeling like her lung was about to collapse (which it has) is the main reason why she hasn’t stopped taking Tiger Milk Mushroom natural supplements. 


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Lilian*  : Customers names have been changed to protect anonymity