Liv Lo Shares Her Fitness Secrets For Getting Red Carpet Ready With Husband, Henry Golding

The talk of the town, Crazy Rich Asians is not only touted as one of the hottest films of the year, but also one set to make history. So the pressure is on when it comes to getting red carpet ready. We spoke to Liv Lo, TV host, fitness instructor and wife of lead actor Henry Golding, to find out her fitness secrets for preparing for the big day.

Getting ready for a big event is never an easy task. But Liv Lo shows us exactly how it’s done dazzling at the premiere in Hollywood, as well as in Singapore earlier this week.


Staying Fit On The Go

Constantly being on the go with a hectic work and travel schedule has never stopped Liv from keeping up her health and fitness regime. In fact, having to adapt to this crazy schedule was one of the main reasons that lead her to create her own online fitness platform, FitSphere, which has played a crucial part in keeping her fit while on the road.

“I had been teaching at Yoga Movement in Singapore for 2 years when my HIIT & Yoga workshop took off. I produced 16 workshops in a 1 year period and needed to connect to an audience bigger than a studio room could hold. Henry also had started filming A Simple Favour in Toronto and I needed a way to keep up with students while on the road.” she explains.


Liv Lo’s Crazy Rich Asians Red Carpet Workout Routine

Liv admits she worked out hard leading up to Crazy Rich Asians world premiere. The day before the premiere itself, she brought all her hard work together with a FitSphere strength training, flexibility, balance and core conditioning total body workout to target the hips, glutes, abs, and arms. 

The workout not only helped Liv look great, but also strengthened her calves and ankles ahead of a full night of wearing heels — ladies, take note!

Lateral raises — 5kg each hand. 12 reps each side, 2 sets.
Overhead lunge — 10kg. 12 reps.
Dumbbell kick back with straight arm pulses — 10 reps kick back, 10 reps pulses.
Tricep dip squats with pulses — 10 reps tricep dip squats, 10 reps pulses.
Dumbbell side lunge — 10 kg. 10 reps each side, 2 sets.
Dumbbell Russian twist with punch — 5kg each hand. AMRAP.
Repeat the circuit twice.

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On Not Slipping Into Holiday Mode

“FitSphere workouts are part of my lifestyle design. I have excuses — I travel, my routine is constantly changing, I have difficulty finding time or energy to workout sometimes, but I don’t listen to those excuses or give in to them. I find every reason TO exercise by adapting the workouts to what I need for that time and place. I always feel stronger and better for it”.

The fitness instructor who has who has 11 years of yoga practice and 3 teacher trainings under her belt, believes motivation must come from yourself, for yourself. Her motto is “Life is a workcation”. She explains:

“Staying fit is work, but being fit keeps me healthy and strong enough to travel. It’s a positive lifestyle design I intentionally created. By developing fitness habits and creating a healthy network of friends and career choices my work is working out and working out is my lifestyle. As Brand Ambassador for Reebok Women I travel with them to amazing countries like Maldives, Phuket, & Bali as their athlete and instructor. The motivation comes from my heart and when I tap into it it’s truly powerful.”


Liv’s Top 3 Tips For Preparing For A Big Event

  1. An event is a time to shine — exercise is not just for a boost in confidence, it's a good beauty trick too! Working out will help to sweat out water, toxins and make your skin glow!
  2. Where the work goes the results will show. If there is no time an effort put into it, that will too. I could put on a pretty dress to cover up, but I would rather dress to be a whole package.
  3. Stay relaxed and calm until the last minute (I stayed in my bathrobe on Crazy Rich Asians premiere day until the last few moments). All the hard work is done, so be in the moment and enjoy it to the max!

To find out more about FitSphere head over to their website or Facebook.

Header image credit: @nic.yeo & @livvlo