FitSphere By Liv Lo Is Coming To KL! Here’s Why You Need To Be There

Mark your calendars—TV host and creator of FitSphere online workout programmes, Liv Lo is headed to KL for her first official event in Malaysia.

Launching FitSphere in Kuala Lumpur for the first time, this is your chance to experience Liv’s wholesome lifestyle philosophy for yourself and be the first to try one of her signature HIIT meets yoga workouts. Expect more than just a workout as the event will share everything from her emphasis on eco-conscious living to tips on properly fuelling and nourishing the body.

Joined by Rawsome and PurelyB, the event will include a fit-yoga class with DJ Jhin spinning, delicious meat-free meals, a healthy diet for fitness talk and even a 1-on-1 photo op with Liv herself. Trust us when we say this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Photo: @fitsphere_bylivlo (designed by @sallywaldorf)

Here are the details

Event: FitSphere First: A Launch Event

Date: Sunday, 17 March 2019

Location: T6 Grey Light Mall, Lightbox, Sungai Buloh (parking available)

Event Rundown:

1:00pm Doors open

2:00pm Diet for fitness talk by Marissa Parry from PurelyB

2:20pm Fit-Yoga class by Liv Lo with DJ Jhin

3:20pm 1:1 photo op with Liv Lo

3:30pm Rawsome meatless meal

5:00pm Reebok door gift

Tickets for this exciting event are available online now at US$15. Places are limited to 300 people and tickets will be US$20 the weekend at the door. For those who book online, you will receive an exclusive goodie bag and exercise mat from Reebok and a reserved space.

What to bring:

Wear sneakers, stretchy, comfortable gym clothes; and come with a positive attitude ready to meet new like-minded people!

Note: this is a single use plastic-free event. Single use plastic bottles or plastic bags will not allowed in the venue. Bring a reusable bottle to refill at the Panasonic water stations. Stylish and eco-friendly Fressko water bottles will also be on sale at venue courtesy of PurelyB.


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Learning more from Liv Lo

Leading up to the event, we spoke to Liv Lo to find out more about FitSphere first, why this event will be like no other, her views on reducing plastic waste and tips for finding time to stay active on a busy schedule.

On what makes the FitSphere First event different to others

On top of an invigorating workout, what puts FitSphere First apart is how there will also be a showcase of the lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with getting and being fit, essentially a holistic overview of health.

“This event is definitely going to be different in the sense that no one here has been able to practice FitSphere with me in a mass class before, and it has never been done in Malaysia. We’ll also have live music to really amp up the crowd, a Rawsome post-workout meal and a talk about nutrition—I want girls to understand that we’re not eating and exercising to lose weight but rather to have a balanced and happy lifestyle. I really want to share what a day in my life is like.” 

On creating FitSphere First

While instructing yoga Liv felt like she hit a plateau, something many of us experience at some point in our health and fitness health journeys. She began practising body weight exercises at home to add to her regime, and this led to her developing of her unique programme combining yoga and HIIT.

“Yoga gave me so much mentally and physically, but it got to a place where I needed to break through the boundaries of getting my heart rate up and building muscle mass. HIIT was so effective in doing this and it has been scientifically proven to be the most effective way to get fit fast. The progress I made was so incredible and powerful, and I wanted to offer this to my students so began to incorporate it into my classes. My workshops sold out and feedback was great! My students loved the classes so I decided to put everything online, especially as my career evolved.”

On reducing plastic pollution

Liv’s thoughts on plastic pollution are what we believe in too—there’s just too much of it and it has to stop. Her lifestyle is not just about looking good but about using her fame to get simple, necessary messages to the public.

“Look around you right now and notice all the plastic items you use. Ask yourself if you really need them or if they can be replaced with biodegradable or wood products. You actually feel like you have a lot more longevity when you're surrounded with products that you can reuse. Take a look at your environment, acknowledge your bad habits and see how can you eliminate and change them.”

On staying active with a busy schedule

Nowadays there’s never enough time, whether you’re a mother, working or just doing your own thing. So it’s no surprise a question Liv is frequently asked is how to stay fit on a busy schedule. Here’s her tip:

“Set an alarm on your phone to do something active for 10 minutes, whether that be 10 minutes of squats, core, push ups or a mix of it all. It could be following a YouTube workout or FitSphere, or even just jumping jacks. Once you start dedicating that 10 minutes every single day, you will see a shift. You'll see a boost in your mood and see yourself looking forward to working out versus dreading it.”

Get tickets for FitSphere First Malaysia now.

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