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Mama Love: Postnatal Care & Recovery Kit
Pegaga by Purelyb
Purelyb Belly Firming mask
Mama Love: Postnatal Care & Recovery Kit
Mama Love: Postnatal Care & Recovery Kit
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Mama Love: Postnatal Care & Recovery Kit

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This mindfully curated Postnatal Kit is to help new mamas get the nourishment, love and care they deserve after birth, regardless of if this is your first born or your fourth. The goal is for optimal health for you and baby, within the comforts of your home.

By simply following the traditions of “pantang” (post natal care & confinement) in traditional Malaysian culture, you can still experience the benefits on your own, without needing  a doula or village midwife. What’s key in our kit is that our solutions and tips are all natural and traditional and have been proven and used for generations in Asia. You’re in safe hands

Here is what you can expect to enjoy:

  1. Pegaga by PurelyB Traditional Asian Superfood (380g)
  2. Traditional Belly Firming Herbal Mask (150g)
  3. Bach Flower Emotional Healing Remedy - Calm 30ml
  4. Bach Flower Emotional Healing Remedy - Peaceful Sleep 30ml
  5. Rejuvenating Tropical Boreh Scrub
  6. Postnatal Care & Recovery Guide (E-book)

With every purchase you make, PurelyB contributes RM5 to Madhya’s Gift fund by Yayasan Chow Kit to provide care for critically-ill children below the age of 5


 Everything is 100% traditional and natural, made from plant-based herbs & ingredients:

  1. Pegaga by PurelyB  60 servings (380

This healing Traditional Asian Superfood is most effective in helping new mothers recover after giving birth, helping them to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, improve digestion, immunity, boost breastmilk supply and also promotes skin health (which can be a wonderful assistance to that dry post labor skin). The natural blend of tropical herbs is a special post-natal recipe in Malay tradition passed down through generations, used by Bidans (village midwives). Drink twice a day in a glass of warm water to experience best results for you and baby.

Ingredients : Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, habbatus sauda, green apples and dates


  1. Traditional Belly Firming Herbal Mask 150g

Warming of the body is important as we now know. An ancient traditional Malay herbal remedy for postnatal healing and recovery as well as for improving reproductive health. This remedy has been used for centuries in Malaysia and Indonesia for realigning, firming and tightening the abdominal muscles. It also helps to firm loosened skin on the belly and with marks.


  1. Bach Flower Remedy - Calm 30ml

Postpartum life can be an overwhelming roller coaster ride filled with hormones, lack of sleep, and new challenges which include breastfeeding, lack of time and other demands. This remedy was created to support you during this time - it will  help with anxiety,  guilt, free you from self blame, and allow you to enjoy the moment because these tough moments too, are precious.

Ingredients: Flower essence:  Rock Rose, Impatients, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Oak, Elm - Preserved in Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Bach Flower Remedy - Peaceful Sleep 30ml

Caring for a newborn is a big task. This Bach Flower Remedy is great for taking after a long tiring day when you want to stop worrying, relax and unwind. Sleep is important because it dictates how you will perform and feel the next day. This remedy can help with sleep, with staying calm and will allow you to rest.

Ingredients : Flower essence:   White Chestnut, Red Chestnut, Oak, Cherry Plum, Preserved in Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Rejuvenating Tropical Boreh Scrub

Combining exotic spices that warm the skin, increases circulation and reduces muscle fatigue, this natural heat therapy body scrub was originally used by rice farmers in Bali. The scrub contains warming herbs such as clove, ginger, pulasari wood, nutmeg, cinnamon, pandan leaves, kaffir Lime leaves and lime.  Clove for example, will help to ward off the chills, the cold and muscular numbness while ginger is good for relieving arthritic joints, sore muscles and poor circulation. The natural scrubs in the mixture will help to exfoliate the skin and leave you with a soft and supple feeling to the skin.


  1. Postnatal Care & Recovery Guide (E-book)

This ebook is your step by step guide to this beautiful time of your life - the life of your postnatal period that is short, often challenging but truly pivotal. We will guide you with simple to follow directions, tips & resources that can ease your recovery,  heal your body and keep you “warm” the natural way, which is essential at this critical phase. It's curated with experts in the field and made with you in mind, with a lot of love. So welcome on this journey and we hope to make it a little easier for you!


Everything you need in one package

  • 100% natural & plant-based
  • Strengthens Immunity & energy
  • Breastmilk booster
  • Detoxifies and improves digestive health
  • Skin repair & wound healing
  • Shrinks the belly and aids in weight loss
  • Balances and calms your emotions

Warm and heal your body with these mindfully curated ancient herbal remedies. Experience the benefits of holistic “pantang” (confinement care) in traditional Malaysian culture, without the need for a doula or village midwife (Bidan).

Meet The Experts Behind PurelyB & The Post Natal Range

 Hameedah Hamid (kak Ida) | Traditional healer and herbalist

Renowned local Traditional Malaysian Healer, Herbalist and Bidan (Village Midwife) with 20+  years in practicing Traditional Malay and Ayuvedic wellness remedies and rituals passed down  through generations, for healing and preventive care for clients across South-East Asia. 

Dr. Gerard Bodeker | Medical scientist

With a background in Doctoral Studies at Harvard University, and a Professor of Medical Sciences at Oxford University as well as Epidemiology at Columbia University, Dr. Bodeker currently serves as senior advisor to a United Nations University project on Asian traditions of nutrition. He has served as chair of the Commonwealth Working Group on Traditional and Complementary Medicine, worked with a number of UN agencies, and is at the forefront of research on traditional and integrative medicine.

Raja Jesrina Arshad | Purelyb Founder &CEO

After her own life-changing journey, Jesrina made it her mission to team up with the best health experts to help and empower more people in Asia to adopt healthy lifestyle changes with  greater ease and affordability, overcome their health struggles, and live a better quality of life. With numerous awards and accolades, she is passionate about inspiring change and driving women empowerment and entrepreneurship in Asia.


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