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Founder’s Piece: This Holiday, Take Your Kids Back to Nature

In fact, kids can be mesmerized with the simplicity of nature and the creative possibilities that emerge - like how we were, when growing up! A place we recently discovered is Life Forest at Broga Hill. This hidden gem lies just an hour’s drive away from KL. The place is a self-sustainable homestead and permaculture, a place to truly bond with nature. Perfect for a getaway from our usual KL routine.

We met the owner Liang, his wife and their daughter. Liang, shared with us the philosophy he follows - the half-farmer-half-X philosophy. This means that these farmers spend 50% of their time farming and 50% on their passion/skill/talent which is their X - basically anything but tributes to society. In the case of Liang who has a background in IT, his X is  based on IT.

Liang built an incredible home mostly from natural materials. For example, the furniture was made out of clay and they used simple but really creative wood constructions out of recycled materials. He also has an awesome bamboo porch In front of his house.

Currently, they are planting a great variety of human-sustaining vegetables and fruits, herbs and low growing food crops in highly interactive, beneficial groupings. These all grow organically and naturally without any chemicals pesticides and fertilizers.

There are also weekly and monthly programs set up. We signed up for the Agricultural Education: From Farm to Table a half a day farm fun experience for us and the kids

This was our itinerary

9.30am – Introduction to the farm

9.45am – Grinding homegrown soybean (using a traditional stone grinder)

(NOTE: The ground soybean will then be used to make soy milk and tofu (soybean curd)

10.45am - Organic orchard and farm tour (paddy fields & soybean fields)

11.00am – Planting of soybeans

11.30am – Spring water showering

12.00 pm- Lunch break

1.00 pm - Fire making from rocket stoves to cook soy milk

1.15 pm - Tofu making (soybean curd) using traditional & natural methods

1.30 pm - Eating handmade soy milk & tofu

2.00 pm - End of activity

Our kids learning how to grind using a traditional stone grinder. I’m equally excited to try it too as you can see!

Making tofu using traditional methods

Back to basic - farmer’s life

Simple pleasures: showering, drinking spring water directly from the mountain & Liang teaching us how to plant  soybeans

We were served a vegan & natural scrumptious meal


Looking for more outdoor adventures!

It has been wonderful at Life Forest - a time for us to bond with family and bond with nature. I truly believe these moments are priceless. So I hope this holiday, you’ll tell your kids to put down their screens, and get lost in nature - you never know the magic that could arise from it!