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5 Breakfasts On Test

Best meal of the day they say. Breakfast like a king they say. These days though there are so many choices for our first meal of the day and they are not all created equal. In a quest to hone the rhythm of my mornings, I decided to analyze 5 of my best-loved breakfasts on a range of criteria to see if I could start making my choices a little more considered in the mornings. Here’s my report!


Scrambled Egg with Smoked Salmon: 2 eggs whisked up with a little bit of milk, salt and pepper, cooked up in a pan with a little bit of butter. Slithers of smoked salmon stirred in at the end.

Creamy Coconut Porridge (Deliciously Ella Recipe): Oats cooked with coconut milk and banana, and then with almonds, almond butter and raisins stirred in at the end.

Blueberry Chia Pudding (Purely B, Kick Start to a Healthy Lifestyle): Chia seeds soaked in water, then mixed in a food processor with cashews, dates, cinnamon and blueberries.

Spinach & Banana Smoothie (Purely B, Kick Start to a Healthy Lifestyle): Banana, frozen spinach, almond milk, nut butter and chia seeds blended together.

Granola with Greek Yoghurt: Shop bought granola mixed into large portion of Greek yoghurt.


  • The fill me up factor: How long did I feel satisfied?
  • Pleasure Principles: How delicious was the meal?
  • Health Credentials: Was it good for me?
  • Prep Speed: Did it take long to make?
  • Ingredient Inquisition: How high maintenance were the ingredients?


  Fill Me Up Factor Pleasure Principles Health Credentials Prep Speed Ingredients Inquisition
Scrambled Eggs with Salmon Surprisingly good for a meal that seemed quite small on the plate. Didn’t need to snack before lunch Tasty but not really in the league of treat. Felt more functional despite the salmon. Eggs high in protein, salmon great for iron and omega 3 fatty acids - is recommended to be eaten in moderation due to sodium content. Maximum 5 minutes (but leaves a messy pan!) Eggs are cupboard staple. Salmon expensive and more of a luxury than everyday item
Creamy Coconut Porridge Felt very full immediately after, but craved snack mid morning Absolutely delicious and luxurious. Lovely and comforting too All nutritious and natural ingredients, although the nut butter and coconut milk are quite high fat ingredients so it’s key to stay mindful of overall daily fat consumption with this one. Took about 15 minutes and required constant supervision (stirring etc. to prevent sticking) Made up of mostly stock items of a healthy store cupboard
Blueberry Chia Pudding Much more filling than expected. The word pudding made me think it needed to follow something else. Was full till lunch. Again more delicious then expected with amazing texture Full of healthy ingredients, very balanced with protein and healthy fats from the nuts, fibre from the fruit plus antioxidants and minerals from the chia seeds About 3 minutes (with help of food processor) Again, stock items of a healthy store cupboard. Blueberries can be kept or bought frozen
Spinach and Banana Smoothie Very filling immediately but did start to get hungry for lunch a bit earlier than usual Way more tasty than expected. Also feels so utterly nutritious to be eating spinach in a form that is so easy and tasty Hydrating and packed with vitamins from the green veg. Banana supplies potassium and fibre, chia seeds as above. About 3 minutes (with help of blender) Stock items, great that it uses frozen spinach as easy to always have on hand and adds refreshing coolness to the drink
Granola with Greek Yoghurt On eating I knew I would need something else before lunch Extremely pleasurable, lovely contrast of creamy yoghurt and sweet, crunchy granola Calcium and protein from the yoghurt. Granola can be high in sugar, this can be improved by making your own and controlling the sweetener used Under 1 minute (using shop bought granola). Homemade can be made in advance Stock items. Only 2 ingredients

My Conclusion:

Best for long mornings: Scrambled Eggs with Salmon & Blueberry Chia pudding

Best for a luxurious treat: Creamy Coconut Porridge

Best for a morning that includes exercise: Spinach Banana Smoothie

Best for breakfast on the run: Granola with Greek Yoghurt

What I learned about my breakfast routine:

  • Certain breakfasts like porridge and granola are really healthy and enjoyable but do not keep me going till lunch. On the days that I choose this breakfast, I should pack/be ready with a healthy mid morning snack.
  • Green smoothies are great for pre/post runs when the body is calling out for hydration and energy replacement or fuel. Again there may be need for a mid-morning snack on these days.

And so, I fully recommend putting your favourite breakfasts to the test like this. For me it was a great exercise to really be mindful about what they are doing for me and how they make me feel. Everyone is different, so my report will probably not be the same as yours but what you learn will certain help you plan for healthier and more productive mornings.

Put them to the test – you’ll be breakfasting like a king in no time.