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How This Store Is Pioneering KL’s Growing Zero-Waste Movement

Teaming up with The Hive – Bulk Food Stores, PurelyB members got to try their hand at making their own natural skincare products. From massage lotion bars, sacred seven face serums and relaxation bath bombs, the workshop was a fun and educational opportunity to learn zero-waste practices first hand.
It's no secret that plastic pollution is affecting our way of life — from our environment to the creatures that inhabit the lands and oceans, to even our health!

In conjunction with 22 April 2018 being Earth Day, see how from humble beginnings, The Hive – Bulk Food Stores has grown to now shaping the way the local community sees how they can practice zero-waste to their own lives — starting from the way they shop.

Find out more about The Hive – Bulk Food Stores on their website and Facebook.