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Will FitAID Really Aid Your Workouts?

Have you ever wished that you had just a little bit more energy to take your workouts to the next level? Have you ever woken up sore and aching, wondering whether there was a quicker way to recover?

Although there are a variety of different products on the market promising to boost your energy and aid in your recovery, it’s important to differentiate those which will help, rather than harm, your health.

One of the drinks on the market that has recently gained popularity amongst the CrossFIt community is FitAID.

What is FitAID?

FitAID was created by Dr. Aaron Hinde, a licensed sports and wellness chiropractor. After years of treating and advising top athletes throughout California, he partnered up with a team of beverage scientists and a biochemist to develop a drink that caters to the needs of athletes engaged in high intensity functional training.

FitAID claims to be “the world's most advanced functional fitness beverage” and “the go-to product to aid your Performance and Recovery during and after your next workout.”

Being 100% natural, while containing 2434 mg of active ingredients and only 45 calories per can, we were left wondering:

Could FitAID really give us more energy in our workouts?
Could FitAID really help us with our post-workout recovery?

We had to put it to the test.

The experiment

My husband and I committed to drinking FitAID for two weeks straight while pursuing our own individual exercise regimes to experience its effects first-hand.

I drank FitAID while pursuing an exercise regime that consisted of CrossFit, circuit training and yoga, four times per week.

On the other hand, my husband, Rafael, drank it every day while pursuing a vigorous training regime of CrossFit five times per week as he was in the lead up to a competition.

How it stacked up


It was difficult to accurately measure how effective FitAID actually was, however what can be said is that it did a superb job of making us feel great after our workouts and somehow helped us to bounce back shortly after.


We both loved the taste as it was not overly sweet. In addition, the slight carbonation was refreshing after a hard workout and helped our bodies with assimilation (converting the food that we digested into substances suitable for incorporating in the body and tissues).


If you’re a crossfit junkie, and eat paleo or gluten-free, this drink is for you. It’s 100% natural and they mean it as it does not contain any of the artificial ingredients that are often found in commercial sports drinks. To specify, it does not contain any sucralose, aspartame, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or crystalline fructose.

Although FitAID’s specific blend of flavours is a secret, it’s comforting to know that the drink meets the rigorous standards outlined by Whole Foods Market®.

Here’s a full list of ingredients down below:

Other effects

We didn’t expect FitAid to have this effect, but we found that drinking it made us pee a little more than usual. This isn’t something to be worried about though as the drink simply induces a detox effect, clearing the body of toxins which build up during exercise.

The verdict

As a mother who isn’t currently getting a full night’s sleep, FitAid is a great addition to my workouts as it gives me the boost that I need. And just like it said it would, it helped to reduce muscle soreness, leaving me in good condition for my next workout.

Aside from drinking FitAID while training, Rafael also consumed it during his Crossfit competition and with good results. He found that it gave him more energy and stamina during his WODs and even though the competition ran for two days, he was free of muscle soreness the day after!

Offering a whole host of functional benefits which improve cardio, agility, stamina, energy and strength, FitAID was specifically designed with the extreme athlete in mind. However, given that it is a 100% all natural beverage and contains only 45 calories per can, imagine for a moment - what could FitAID do for you?

If you’d like to purchase FitAID or would like to have it stocked at your gym, drop them an email at contact@aidyourlifestyle.com. You can also find out more from their website www.aidyourlifestyle.com